Bit difficult isn’t it?

Revealed: Colombian crash plane’s ‘superhero’ pilot’s father was ALSO a pilot who died in a plane crash when he was just one year old

How do you conceive a son when your’re one year old?

7 thoughts on “Bit difficult isn’t it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well these swarthy Latin types are very early starters. But that does seem a little young.

    Especially to be flying a plane. Russian children are known to do so but Colombians?

  2. As I’ve said before a mate was on that plane. Only time I’ve really wanted to murder someone. Sealed coffin funeral, obviously, it’s a bit of Siberian hillside with some mangled bit of someone inside. After which coffin off to the airport for flight back to UK. I was there, at the airport (had a business which imported stuff) and I was there when the customs guys were insisting that they’d have to unscrew the coffin, in front of the lad’s parents, to check there was no contraband. Or, you know, a little cash would stop them having to do this.

  3. The plane (CP-2933) that crashed was on the limits of its range, then had to hold whole another plane, an airbus A320, had an emergency (fuel leak) and returned to the airport. Holding meant the CP-2933 ran out of fuel and crashed. The things to look into is why the pilot didn’t declare an emergency with the low fuel and get in before the plane with the fuel leak.

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