Bit of a bitch, isn’t it?

It would appear that Anna Raccoon has reached the end….

Vale, eh?

15 thoughts on “Bit of a bitch, isn’t it?”

  1. Software glitch, I suspect.

    Yesterday she said it was her last post, but that the blog wasn’t set to self-destruct until the end of January.

    The doctor had given her not-great news (again), and she’s intending to spend her last days peacefully, rather than swatting internet commenters.

  2. I doubt there has been none braver than Ms Raccoon when it comes to shining a light into some very dark places.

  3. @Henry, yes, the blend of erudition, wit, hard work and sheer bloody-minded persistence is one-of-a-kind. Will be sorely missed, and probably not get the obits she deserves.

    To any latecomers, you should really go over and have a binge-read before it’s too late.

    Anyone care to suggest the best post to start with?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I met her in a pub in Londona about 10 years ago. She’s great company and has a very sharp mind.

    The world will be a poorer place without her.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t know about her best post but, she caused me some initial grief but in the end saved me from a lot more when she effectively killed LPUK.

    It’s a long post but she had personal dealings with Andrew Withers who had engineered himself to be leader of LPUK, and he turned out to be a Walter Mitty type of character. He chose the wrong person to cross.

  6. What a bugger.

    Lots of very interesting material there, including in the comments, as well as original documents she fished up.

    Lots of people blog effectively as a place to spout opinions, however well thought out. This is one of the few blogs that was effectively original-research journalism.

  7. I won a little Raccoon from her in a limerick competition and it sits above my monitor where it occasionally gets used to sweep the dust from the screen.

  8. Sad news – a terrible loss to lovers of freedom everywhere. She deserves to spend her remaining days at peace – unlike the various Stalinist pygmies she will not be forgotten…

  9. Well doesn’t that just put the tin lid on 2016.

    An amazing woman, I’m glad her blog audience consistently rose to meet her hopes and expectations.

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