Blimey, eh?

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump will allow corporations and wealthy individuals to make large donations to fund the activities surrounding his inauguration, complicating his promise to eliminate special interests from influencing his government.

Mr. Trump plans to ban money from registered lobbyists, whom he has purged from his transition team and barred from working for his administration. But the restrictions will be lighter on corporations and individuals — the groups that have traditionally provided a vast majority of funding for the festivities surrounding the transfer of power.

The restrictions, which members of the Presidential Inaugural Committee cautioned have yet to be finalized, represent a continued march back from standards set in 2009, when President-elect Barack Obama banned gifts from lobbyists, political action committees and corporations, and put a cap of $50,000 on individuals.

A simple decision by the last President-elect has become a standard set, has it?

4 thoughts on “Blimey, eh?”

  1. It looks as if Mr Trump is basing some of his ideas on those expounded by the late Tom Clancy in his novel “Executive Orders”.. 🙂 Many of which seem a damned good idea!

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