Breakfast is going to be a bit of a problem then

Despite the health warnings, some still cannot resist a cigarette.
Doctors will argue the only way to protect your health is to quit.
But if you must take a drag, a new report has found drinking a glass or two of red wine before lighting up can protect your blood vessels against some of the worst short term damages.
Red wine, with its high levels of phenol (a natural compound), stimulates the formation of nitric oxide, which rejuvenates coronary arteries.

But if I must I must. Two glasses of tinto instead of coffee it is then.

33 thoughts on “Breakfast is going to be a bit of a problem then”

  1. I really don’t think that it is “phenol” in red wine that makes it beneficial, you know. What with carbolic acid, as it’s also known, having a tendency to cause chemical burns (true fact: they used to use it, particularly in the Navy, to cauterise amputations):

  2. I’ve been out of work for nearly a year now and I still haven’t tried red wine on my cornflakes. Such a wasted opportunity…

  3. Should enable smokers to cut down too. After all, by the time you’ve smoked 10 ciggies with the required 20 glasses of wine you might find it tricky striking a match.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Two glasses of tinto instead of coffee it is then.

    Instead? I don’t see this as an either-or type situation. What would breakfast be without a stiff shot of brandy in your coffee?

    If it is good for my health, all the better.

  5. Can quite imagine it. A couple of glasses of wine when you get up. Perhaps a glass on the way to work. A couple of glasses mid morning, a couple at lunchtime, another one mid afternoon – can you find the exit from work?

  6. Clearly the phenol molecules in wine know that they have a sort of caste difference from all the lesser phenol molecules in the world.

  7. I recall reading one of the earlier papers exploring the possible health benefits of red wine consumption, written in the late 50s or early 60s, which ended with a stern admonition that while the active principle that was assisting health could, possibly, in theory, be isolated and dispensed in tablet form… this seemed to the authors to be a peculiar form of vandalism, since it was already presented in such a pleasant and palatable form.

  8. Martin said:
    “can you find the exit from work”

    After only eight glasses of wine spread over the whole working day? Yes, of course. Unless it’s one of those really stupid glasses that’s bigger than the bottle.

  9. “After all, by the time you’ve smoked 10 ciggies with the required 20 glasses of wine you might find it tricky striking a match.”
    Nah. Cigarette lighter.
    Blondes seems to be the most reliable.

  10. IIRC One of the cases for contract law – whether an advert constitutes an offer or invitation to treat… is from called the carbolic smoke ball company something or other- they claimed it cured or prevented flu.

  11. “Nah. Cigarette lighter.
    Blondes seems to be the most reliable.”

    I’m reminded of Lee Meredith in Mel Brooks’ The Producers

  12. I didn’t know red wine had such high levels of what was once known as carbolic acid. Phenol is a rather nasty and corrosive organic chemical.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    Oh dear, health researchers advocating alcohol. This isn’t going play well with the heath fascists.

    Could be time for some of Julia’s popcorn.

  14. Cahill vs carbolic smoke ball company or something similar, seem to recall that they used such a wide range of arguments in it that it was a kind of catch all case to qoute for lots of contract law stuff

  15. Plenty of polyphenols in tea, chocolate and various fruits. Google “Japan lung cancer paradox”, wouldn’t surprise me if it was down to green tea and pickled plums.

  16. One of the Yankee think tank wonks wrote an article on discovering the pleasure of drinking whisky for breakfast. I think it was Jeff Tucker, but I can’t find it.

  17. When I lived up in Richmond, I had a friend who always showed up on the first tee with a jug of screwdriver – orange juice and vodka, and had a big drink from it. Didn’t matter if the sun was even up yet. He always beat me. ALWAYS!

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    I am pretty sure we have had a discussion around here before about the French habit of starting the day with a shot of something. When I first lived in France, I was surprised to see drivers get a glass of more or less raw alcohol at 6 in the morning.

    It may explain the French paradox – they drink, they smoke, they eat a lot of fat and yet they are surprisingly healthy. The Greeks smoke more than anyone else in Europe but have a very low lung cancer rate – should we get ouzo for free on the NHS?

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