Complete free market bastard that Hayek, weren’t ‘ee?

In The Road to Serfdom (1944), FA Hayek argued that the universal assurance of “some minimum of food, shelter, and clothing, sufficient to preserve health and the capacity to work” was “no privilege but a legitimate object of desire” and could be provided “outside of and supplementary to the market system”.

6 thoughts on “Complete free market bastard that Hayek, weren’t ‘ee?”

  1. Definitions matter though. What’s “a minimum of shelter sufficient to preserve health”? I used to live on a busy A-road: perhaps the pollution was deleterious to my health. I therefore demand that the state provide me with a leafy house in the posh part of town, “sufficient to preserve my health”.

  2. ‘Australia’s taxes are steeply progressive, moderating inequalities of income’

    Tamping down the income of higher earners to achieve equality – classic communist “all must share in misery,” rather than boost those in misery. Having the rich earn less helps no poor person, but their government tells the poor they should feel good about it, that government is doing something about inequality.

  3. Andrew M,

    Most certainly. How a minimum of shelter is codified will do a lot to determine how much the benefit is. With my back problems I could make the case that my minimum shelter requires a hot tub.

  4. A pot to piss in and enough sustenance to generate some piss ≠ moolah for Lotto scratchers, fags, lager and a fuck-off great telly.

  5. ???

    Lotto scratchers statistically = no food or a pot, some will be ‘saved’

    Fags = please curajeus state, tax what money you gave me

    Lager = ditto fags

    and if Trump gets what he was proposing no American will be able to purchase the fuck-off great telly.

    In the first two cases the bastards starve and for the third we’re all fucked. Other than option three what is not to like?

    Of course I’m in America where we drink proper piss. Good luck finding a lager worth a damn outside of Yuengling(Disclaimer: PA product promotion, there might be another decent American lager but I haven’t found it).

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