Court politics

Russia’s economy minister Alexei Ulyukayev has been detained over a $2-million bribe allegedly received for a “positive” assessment, which led to oil producer Rosneft acquiring a 50 percent stake in Bashneft , the country’s Investigative Committee said on Tuesday.

Ulyukayev, who was appointed economy minister in 2013, is the highest-ranked Russian statesman arrested since the failed coup in 1991.

“This is about extortion of a bribe from Rosneft representatives accompanied by threats,” Svetlana Petrenko, a spokesperson for the Investigative Committee, told Ria Novosti news agency.

The correct question to ask here is not what is going on here, but who did he piss off?

For in that milieu that’s about the price of two of the watches they favour. Trivia.

3 thoughts on “Court politics”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The mind boggles at the idea that Rosneft needs to bribe anyone. They are an arm of the Russian state.

  2. SMFS,

    That surprised me initially when I started working overseas: I discovered all sorts of intra-company and intra-state corruption, rivalries, turf wars, etc. It’s why you see situations like the Nigerian state oil company owing the government billions.

  3. Tim N

    Something I’ve actually often wondered about – is it so bad that there may need to be intra-company bribery to get stuff done? Even intra-departmental bribery? People accept that companies the world over have internal barriers and rivalries but there are also places in the world where, if there are two groups and one needs the other to play ball, no ball will be played until suitable enticement is offered. Whether that can apply even within an organisation strikes me as an interesting question.

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