Dear God, really?

He’s supervising a PhD now?

As I have reported recently, I am now engaged on two EU funded research projects at City, University of London. These are entitled Coffers and Corplink. They are separate and have different, but overlapping, goals.

The Corplink project starts on 1 December and last for four years assuming we meet the EU’s progress requirements in the meantime. This project provides an opportunity for someone to work with me on the research we will be undertaking. The intention is that the researcher will undertake a PhD during this period with a combination of Professors Ronen Palan, Anastasia Nesvetailova and myself acting as supervisors.

And how can this actually be a PhD? For that requires the creation of new knowledge, and obviously, all is already known here, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Dear God, really?”

  1. Three supervisors? Disaster looms. One good; two good; three oh no.

    The penny drops: it’s to ensure that Spud can be outvoted.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’ll be out on his ear for being an insufferable cunt long before this hapless student has to do his viva.

  3. Richard Murphy says:
    November 27 2016 at 12:19 pm
    I do not have a PhD

    That is why I am a Professor of Practice

    And also why I cannot be lead supervisor on a PhD

    My post grad study was to be an FCA

    I have become an academic late in my career (although I reckon I have 25 years to go as yet)

    He’s so easy to play.

  4. This is an outrage. The man is manifestly unqualified to hold any academic position at all, let alone a professorial one. Allowing him to have any type of supervisory capacity over a graduate student is grotesquely reckless, indeed fraudulent of City University. That institution needs to be reported to whatever body oversees academic standards & quality, and needs to be served with an injunction forcing them to suspend Murphy.

  5. “I do not have a PhD
    That is why … I cannot be lead supervisor on a PhD”

    What an odd little rule: sounds to me like more sad Americanisation.

    The cleverest chap who taught me as an undergraduate didn’t have a PhD, and he supervised PhD students very successfully. Of course he was clever.

  6. One of my PhD examiners was J.R.L. Allen. All geologists here will recognise that name. He jacked-in his PhD studies after falling out with the system. He must be the most widely quoted sedimentologist in the world, but Professor (a real Professor) Allen has no PhD.

  7. I think many of us were taught by people without phds. My tutor was a recognised authority in his field without a PhD. But he was highly intelligent, widely read and a brilliant lecturer. And a host of phds were glad to be supervised by him. Where does Spud fall down?

  8. While several of my supervisors and lecturers “lacked” PhDs (not that that seemed to matter) they were of an older generation – the young whippets that were replacing them, who must now be depressingly-deep-into-middle-age ex-whippets, all had doctorates.

  9. The PhD is a relatively recent import to English universities, only being introduced after the Great War when British and US student were understandably reluctant to study in Germany. But just as a Professor is now no more than a pay grade, so a PhD is no more than an entry qualification for aspiring university staff. (Even if you are only classed as a lowly ‘academic related’ it help to have a PhD, keeps the academics respectful.

  10. There was a time when academics didn’t really need to publish very much at all, perhaps just one really seminal book that would be a life’s work. It would have been beneath their diginty to piss about with a PhD. Nowadays there’s so much pressure to publish that most of it’s absolute shite.

  11. 123 a time there was when academics could enjoy the life of the mind between themselves, without needing the rest of the world to subsidise them. We need to get back to that state but… Eden has been left behind

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