Do we have above ground earthquakes these days?

Underground earthquake leaves at least two miners dead in Poland

7 thoughts on “Do we have above ground earthquakes these days?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So a lot of women tell me. Not all of them on retainer.

    The more interesting question is whether we have underground coal mines in Poland. I would have thought, or at least hoped, not.

  2. Yes, Poland still has deep coal mines (or, at least, it did last time I visited, a couple of years ago). As I like to tell ‘enthusiasts’ for coal mining (most of whom would run a mile at the idea of going “down t’pit”, even if they think it’s a lovely idea for others) – it can still be economically competitive with strip mining, as long as you’re prepared to work for Polish rates of pay in Polish conditions.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    But the question is how do deep coal mines paying Polish wages to Polish workers compete with open cut coal mines paying Polish wages to Polish workers?

    Much less Colombian open cut coal mines.

  4. The economy of open cut mining (or gravel scratching as we underground miners refer to it) depends on the thickness of coal verse the overburden that has to be stripped to uncover the seam, i.e. the stripping ratio. Underground mines have some advantages, much lower rehab costs for one, and the ability to work in all weathers, not always possible with open cuts:

    Earthquakes are not amplified underground, surface waves are more damaging.

  5. well, the Germans think they’re “green” because they’ve cut down on coal tired power plants … by building ’em over the border in Poland.

    Next they’ll start making noises about the rights of German speaking power plants in Poland

  6. In other words, he means an earthquake on a subsurface fault that mainly affected people who were underground. But that’s not really a very snappy headline…

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