Fit young men ogle fit young women

This really is a massive surprise, isn’t it?

The author of the “scouting report”, as it was known in the men’s team, often included sexually explicit descriptions of the women. He wrote of one woman that “she looks like the kind of girl who both likes to dominate, and likes to be dominated,” the Crimson reported.

The “report”, which appears to have been an annual tradition, was circulated over the group’s email list.

Athletics director Robert Scalise has sent an email to student athletes announcing that the university will forfeit its remaining games of the season.

The mens’ soccer team would “rate” the womens’ soccer team.

This is such a horror that the rest of the season is cancelled.

Umm, yeah. Because groups of young men just do rate groups of young women. It’s rather what has perpetuated the species over the generations.

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  1. “The six women recruits written about in the 2012 “report”, who all graduated in 2016, penned last week a joint op-ed in response to the Crimson’s initial story.

    In the article, titled “Stronger Together” and published by the Crimson, they begin by saying that they were not especially surprised by the “report.” “When first notified of this scouting report’ each of us responded with surprise and confusion, but ultimately brushed off the news as if it didn’t really matter.”

    It didn’t. If you’d grown up, you’d have realised this.

  2. JuliaM,

    How about: when the fascists lost every other way of bullying the people? So, they’ve now infested universities where they can apply this sort of arbitrary power.

    I mean, the correct response to this is either to ignore it or at worst, as it lowers the tone of the college, asking the guys to cut it out or keep it private.

    The whole sector’s going to get a major shakeup. Baumol’s cost disease is starting to give it a kicking. You can get a lot of training for $25 a month online.

  3. It is a disgrace!

    As I’m sure our female contributors will confirm, groups of women never sit around discussing men.

  4. Hmm. Yes, a lot of blokes have this sort of conversation and it’s quite normal. But there is a difference between having the conversation and putting it in writing and distributing it. Decorum, that’s the thing.

  5. Yes, gentlemen would not commit such thoughts to group-distributed email.

    But to shut down an entire year of sporting competition?

    Total overreaction.

    I suppose there is some confusion between whether this is a workplace or a sports club, given the odd nature of US university sports. But even so…

  6. It’s a classic example of sexism.

    The argument is exactly the same as for LGBT sexual behaviour. You have different groups having different cultures with regard to sexual behaviour. Outsiders find it disgusting; insiders find it normal, or harmless fun. Authoritarian outsiders feel it is their duty to stamp out such deviant behaviour, and enforce their own cultural standards on everyone else.

    It used to be the LGBT group who came in for this treatment (or worse). Now they’re doing it to the male ‘Lads’ culture. They’re selectively creating a ‘hostile environment’ for people for reasons related to their sex – it’s indirect discrimination.

    If I was them, I’d probably sue the athletics director for sexual discrimination, and make the argument that ‘lads’ culture ought to have the same rights as ‘gay’ culture. Done in private between consenting adults – that other people find it ‘disgusting’ is not enough reason to abridge people’s freedoms.

    And even if it doesn’t work as a legal tactic, it should still provoke a response from the nutters on their side that goes a long way to discrediting their cause in the eyes of the public.

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