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When will we ever learn? Brexit, as terrible as it was, was not the wake up call to the progressive sentiment. Now we have Brexit x10. The victory of Donald Trump. But what do we expect when we stand establishment candidates who helped create the conditions for Trumpism? Clintonism and Blairism, as we keep saying, are finished. A politics that attempts to humanize neo-liberalism and only ends up embedding it was doomed to fail. Elections are no longer won from the centre and the slide into the abyss cannot be defeated by triangulation. The only thing that can win is a genuine alternative, created with and by or our fellow citizens, that makes our country much more equal, sustainable and democratic.

That’s Compass telling us we all need to move further left.

8 thoughts on “From the reporter’s in box”

  1. This is the predictable conclusion: double down on the identity politics shit, ape the moronic economic populism.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Elections are no longer won from the centre ”

    That’s their problem right there. They’ve defined the centre from their own narrow world view and don’t get that other’s see it differently.

  3. @Charlie identity politics + mass immigration is a winning combination. Not this time maybe, but certainly in the medium term.

  4. What we actually need is for Trump to build that damn wall. But I’m not getting my hopes up over that. I suspect he’s a blowhard who has about as much political backbone as Arnie S. had.

  5. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Dunno, Cal. Consider what the Don went through to get this far. The chap has character in spades.

    If he appoints a Cabinet of similar quality to himself, things may happen.

  6. Arnold has –or had –physical strength and courage as well as ego. Getting up nearly every day for years to face a –literally– physically sickening , gruelling and exhausting bout of weight training–requires physical courage as well as ego.

    Beyond that Arnold does not have enough moral courage to weigh down a flea. Had he set off for Mordor with the ring there is no chance he would ever have got there. He would have assembled his own army and been trying to replace Sauron long before that.

    Trump I believe has a dimension of moral strength as well as just ego.

  7. “identity politics + mass immigration is a winning combination.”

    Only until the native majority realize they’re about to become a minority in their own country and decide they’d better get some of that identity politics, too. Which is what just happened in America.

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