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“Trump’s election is a disaster, but we must channel our anger and fear into hope and resolve. Our work becomes much harder now, but it’s not impossible, and we refuse to give up. The hateful rhetoric promoted by Trump’s party will only strengthen the ties between progressive groups and make our movement stronger. Together, we will put everything on the line to protect the progress we’ve made and continue to push for bold action. We refuse to leave the future of our climate in Trump’s hands. Now is the time to take a deep breath and fight like never before.”

350 Action will continue to fight for the bold climate action that science and justice demands.

There’s going to be a lot of this. And isn’t it all going to be such wondrous fun?

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  1. Best speech of the situation after the result was from the lady of the elite of the Republican Party, who ran Bush’s campaign,

    Donald Trump mustn’t think he has a mandate from the people.


  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Jeez. That Slate cover needs screencapping. Then, when I’m feeling down, I can pull it out of the archive and cheer myself up. It’s just joyous.

  3. They don’t like it up ’em.

    Tell me, if Hillary isn’t indicted until O has left office, can he pardon her?

  4. @dearieme- nope. Once Obama is out of office and presenting GBBO he cannot pardon anyone.

    Interesting thing i didn’t know until recently (not that it’s now relevant), but you cannot be impeached for crimes committed before your term of office. So had Clinton won, the email thing wouldn’t have affected her directly.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yeah, reading the articles themselves is even better. It’s like a giant box of delicious chocolates.

  6. Foolishly I started listening last night in bed to the BBC radio coverage. I have never heard such a biased presentation – the number of pro-Hillary talking heads outnumbered any pro-Trump ones by about 5 to one. Nothing was said about any of the results coming in, whether the numbers favoured Trump further down the line and whether his odds were rapidly dropping. It was only by reading between the lines, by what wasn’t being said, that you could discern what was happening. The presenters couldn’t bring themselves to admit what was unfolding in front of them – it was the glumness of the Democrats they were interviewing that gave it away. The presenters kept saying ‘Well its just too close to call!’ which one eventually realised meant ‘Trump is winning hands down’ because if it had actually been close they’d 100% have been lauding Hillary’s impending victory to the skies.

  7. Richard/Tim

    Worth checking out the ‘Where from here’? and’ Trump releases an entitlement to hate?’ posts as an example fo the reasons why he won! He does see a silver lining though, apparently Obama is ‘The last neoliberal president’ – The man’s delusions continue and frankly if there are any more shocks to his system in 2016 he may not survive the year!

  8. Donald Trump mustn’t think he has a mandate from the people.

    Meaning: Donald Trump mustn’t think he has a mandate from me.

    Love, you made yourself irrelevant when you put #NeverTrump on your Twitter feed.

  9. Well I see Murphy is true to form – self-righteous, arrogant and dismissive of comments that don’t accord with his world view!
    Oh how he must be hurting!
    DT is flawed yes but will surround himself with competent advisors, the GOP will force that on him. He cannot be a loose cannon – the world is not going to end

  10. Nearly shat myself at this lovely, lovely block strap on the Guardian website now, almost as emotive as a picture of Kitchener pointing a finger at you:

    “Never has the world needed fearless independent media more

    Help us hold the new president to account, sort fact from fiction, amplify underrepresented voices, and understand the forces behind this divisive election — and what happens next.”

  11. i see the “children” meme is just as popular over there as here, Slate….

    How Do I Explain to My Daughters What Happened in This Election?
    Deciding whether to protect them or to have a very difficult conversation.

    How old is the author 5 ?

  12. ‘We refuse to leave the future of our climate in Trump’s hands.’

    Americans voted out the people who control the climate.

  13. This is going to be a fun week!

    Then next week, we get to see how Trump deals with Paul Ryan, who’s famous last words were “Trump is not the head of the Party.” The whacking of the Party establishment is complete. 6 years of failure to be an opposition party is the reason.

    I am ashamed that 60,000,000 alleged Americans voted for Hillary.

    I am also sad that Virginia voted for Hillary. I understand the Left Coast, Illinois, and New England going for her, but not Virginia. Perhaps Suburban DC has grown large enough to swing the state’s vote.

  14. Can a President pardon someone who hasn’t actually been convicted of something? Is the system so bonkers that the President can pardon someone for an unspecified crime which may or may not result in a conviction in the future?

  15. The whassap group with all my leftie friends here in Bilbao is absolutely hilarious.

    They have lost all sense of proportion. Talk about heads exploding!!!!!

    They will never understand. And this while their socialist party (several have been in the Basque Government here) is falling to a similar phenomenon.

    I’m almost pi**ing myself.

    My wife begged me this morning not to stick a pointy stick in anyone’s eye, and I’m trying hard to leave it till tomorrow, but my oh my, am I having fun day.

  16. “@dearieme- nope. Once Obama is out of office and presenting GBBO he cannot pardon anyone.” Aha, I didn’t phrase it well. What I meant was can O pardon her, while he is still Prez, for offences for which she has not yet been charged?

    Can he say “I pardon Hillary for every criminal action she may have committed before (whatever date it is – say Jan 20, 2017)”?

  17. Can he say “I pardon Hillary for every criminal action she may have committed before (whatever date it is – say Jan 20, 2017)”?

    What a ringing endorsement that would be.

  18. Dearieme

    I think Pope Innocent III was a dab hand at blanket pardons in order to get people to go on Crusade but the technique hasn’t been much used as far as I know since the early 13th Century.

  19. Bill Clinton pardoned one of his associates who had not yet been convicted, so yes BHO can too.
    Expect him to try for an all time record.

  20. “Jeez. That Slate cover needs screencapping”

    Indeed it does, and I have. With the “Pearl Crescent Page Saver” Add-on installed in Firefox it’s possible to save an image of an entire web page, not just the part visible on your screen.

    I agree with JuliaM regarding the linked stories, although I began to wonder if I was actually reading a parody site like The Onion…

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