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His parents, Frank and Rosa, were immigrants from Europe. His hard-working Slovenian-born father had prospected for gold in Alaska before setting up a meatpacking business in Seattle. Sutter’s no-nonsense approach was shaped by a household of good-natured teasing and a simple European lifestyle — his mother, who had been born in Austria-Hungary,

To what, important, extent were Slovenia and Austria-Hungary different places pre-WWI?

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  1. Depends on what part of Austria-Hungary really. Google suggests she was born in Vienna, he was born in Ljubljana. How much difference was there between those two places in the late 19th century?

  2. I may be wrong, but I think that the part of the A-H Empire most closely approximating to modern Slovenia was the province of Carniola, parts of which are now in Italy. Don’t know how far that complicates matters.

  3. From an historical perspective & in the period, equivalent to describing one as Irish & the other as British. But here we’re looking at the education of journalists, so likely irellevent.

  4. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    If one parent was from Vienna and the other was from Laibach, then not much. The large cities in Cisleithania were generally German speaking, The language of government was German, but civic officials may well have spoken South Slav, thus civil servants were required to be bi ( or muti) lingual. In the countryside, the language would have been exclusively Slavic, but even then the Slovenes prided themselves on not being a bunch of gyppoes, but were “westernised”.
    There was a single currency and rail liks via Villach, so we are not talking about some far flung colony in Bongobongoland.

  5. “Born in Austria-Hungary” is a pretty daft way to describe someone born in Vienna anyway. Surely even readers of the Times must know where Vienna is?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Surely even readers of the Times must know where Vienna is?”

    I wouldn’t bet on that. The reporter is not educated enough to know that Slovenia was part of the A-H Empire. I doubt the readers are much better.

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