Hmm, so maybe the Grey Aliens should in fact win?

Red squirrels are carrying human leprosy and people have been warned to stay away from the animals to minimise the risk of catching the disease.

One of the strains – which is affecting squirrels on Brownsea Island, off the south coast of Dorset – shares close similarities with that responsible for outbreaks of the disease in medieval Europe.

Researchers tested 25 samples from red squirrels on the island and found that all were infected with the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae, though not all showed signs of the disease. Those that did had swelling and hair loss on the ears, muzzle and feet.

6 thoughts on “Hmm, so maybe the Grey Aliens should in fact win?”

  1. Leprosy quite difficult to catch from human to human contact. Can’t think how catching it from squirrels would be easier.

    One of the reasons we haven’t failed to eliminate these bacilli (plague, tuberculosis, etc) is because they are not very particular about their host.

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