I don’t think it’s six million at the Cubs victory parade

No, just really, no:

The fall classic! Daredevil Cubs fans risk their lives with crazy ‘trust falls’ as SIX MILLION pack the streets of Chicago to celebrate their World Series win 108 years in the making

If you look at the pictures it’s a good turnout alright. But it’s not double the population of the entire city.


A good crowd but…..say it’s 20 deep like that, both sides,  all 7 miles of the route. Two people a yard, 1760 yards per mile. Half a million, maybe 600,000. That I would believe. But sorry Mil, just not 6 million.

This is part of a 6 million crowd:


Different order of magnitude

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    That said, isn’t it blasphemous to use the kabbalistic number in this context?

  2. Yes, John Square is right; they’re just using the same mathematics that the BBC does when reporting on left-wing street protests.

  3. Fuck the Cubs.

    There days you couldn’t get 6 million Chicagoans in one place for anything other than a gang related gunfight.

    Another bullshit feel-good story about unimportant events in a dying metropolis. Kind of like the Cavaliers and Cleveland.

  4. There’s no way. That’s 60 percent of the population of the entire Chicago metro area. The logistics would make it impossible. Public transportation capacity couldn’t handle it. The biggest day of the Metra rail system was for the Blackhawks parade in 2010, and that was a mere 430k people. Suburban inbound commuters to Chicago are on the order of 200k/day. The commuter-adjusted population of Chicago is 3 million.

    With that level of flow into the city (mainly downtown), traffic is appalling and the trains are full at peak hours. Adding several million people would have led to epic traffic jams and have overwhelmed public transportation.

    So it was logistically impossible to pack 5-6 million people into Chicago as a whole, let alone along a 4 mile long parade route.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Another datum in my collection of “innumerate journo” stories. They just never have the instinct kick in that says, “hang on a minute, let’s do some sums.”

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