I think the lad’s done it

Trump wins Pennsylvania

Donald Trump has won the Keystone state and its 20 electoral votes, the AP reports, rocketing him toward the White House. He’s at 264 electoral votes and ahead in counting in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, any of which makes him president.

So, how do we make sure he can’t actually do anything once in office?

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  1. The US Brexit moment. It is really interesting to watch the panel on MSNBC try to explain how this happened. The polls were all wrong.

  2. Establishment politics needs a giant wrecking ball, why would you want to stop Trump from bringing down the rotten edifice?

  3. I think that Trump is a protectionist braggart who’s going to be a hopeless president and probably damage the economy quite badly. Still worth it to see Clinton’s lifelong dream crushed though.

  4. Timmy,

    If my comment calling PA for Trump did it please let me know. I edited my comment for at least 15 minutes before I posted it. Based on the time stamps I see I can win without that and I could really use the internet brownie points, especially in a forum I feel is worth paying for.

  5. @Charlie

    She’ll be absolutely furious. Imagine the concession speech/call to Trump.


    (Also- lots of millennial seem to be implying that Hillary losing somehow undermines the American touchstone that ‘anyone can be president’- are they mad? Lifelong political fixer, with friends in all the right places loses out to an old-fashioned septagenarian who is channelling a populist/disruptive vote, and who has never had a political job in his life- if DT was a woman writer/ artist/ diversity coordinator, the left would be having shrieking multiple orgasms over this.

    But just because he’s a male billionaire property developer, all of a sudden it’s the end of the world…


  6. Matthew L,

    Futures markets are down. I put that on uncertainty rather than anything substantial though.

  7. Liberal Yank: His economic policy is almost as bad as Sanders’. Tim did a good piece at Forbes recently about Trump’s main economic advisor and what an idiot he is.

  8. Ljh,

    Julian had nothing to do with my decision to vote for Johnson. Cliton not getting a vote was due to her record as a Senator, something she had full control over,

    Please let me just enjoy one authoritarian losing tonight. I don’t want to think about the problems the new one will cause until tomorrow. I need a sober mind to understand the path forward.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    I would love to over hear her phone call to Trump conceding. Maybe the Russians will record it.

    I hope he is brutal.

  10. @Matthew L

    So the left get Trump, implementing the left’s economic policies?

    He’s a troll, surely? No other explanation

  11. Julian Assange revealed the depth of Clinton corruption and the breadth of their reach into the msm as well as the DNC’s antidemocratic practices. Thank you Julian Assange.

  12. Matthew L.

    I don’t deny that Trump’s proposals are terrible. I am one of 140k PA citizens that feel that Johnson, despite his faults, was the best option. I count my allies as the 48k that voted for Stein(my 2nd choice) and the 21k that voted for Castle(not to mention the thousands that wanted denied write-in options) as my allies.

    Those that want to work toward plausible economic models that don’t give them economic rents are actually uncommon. The problem is how to find those who don’t want to acquire these rents for the exclusive benefit of their decedents. Find this quasi-unicorn and you find a good politician.

  13. Ecks,

    I’ve expected Trumps win for almost a year and will be profiting $862(after all applicable taxes) from his win. I still think he’s terrible for the USA but, given the education of our voters, he’s all we deserve.

    Yes, you are absolutely right. He does deserve to win. Your former colonies have to many mistakes and deserve the hand of the market. Any chance you would be interested in a trade deal that makes that hand benign?

  14. LMFAO(and haven’t used that in at least a decade) Hopper.

    If Clinton hadn’t voted for Iraq or spent time as SoS already I could see it. Her public record just leaves far too many doubts in my mind.

  15. BBC website still hasn’t called PA & WI. Probably everyone is too upset to work a computer.

    God I’m going to enjoy this.

  16. Update:

    99.24%(semi-official state numbers[It is the state after all] precincts reporting and Trump is up by over 70k in PA. Trump is our President whether we like it or not.

    At least there is only four years until the next chance to choose insanity.

  17. Oh no, the Dow Jones index will open 800 points down. Maybe the crash in shares in polling companies is taking it down?

  18. When I switched on R4 at 6 this morning the atmosphere was deliciously funereal.

    You’d have to have a heart of stone, etc.

  19. Rob,

    The market planned on Clinton winning. This is an expected drop.

    Sadly I am too risk adverse to have greatly profited off of this expected event.

    Once we replace US$ with GB£ everything could stabilize.

  20. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’m still up, and I won’t be going to bed until I’ve seen her concede. The reason that Pennsylvania took so long to be called after it was apparently a done deal was provisional ballots (which should be pretty much banned, along with early and postal votes). The Democrats are snakes and always it is necessary to win beyond the margin of fraud. A win in Wisconsin would do it, then AR and AK to put the icing on the cake. Also NH is sufficiently close that Trump could ask for a recount if he were feeling mischievous.

    I think this will be the end of her, literally. She’s obviously not well and I can easily see her carking it within six months.

  21. You have to be a very special kind of human to lose an election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is just such a person. Someone whom people weigh up whether their stench is greater or lesser than their opponent’s.

  22. LY–Had America chosen one of the most evil women ever to have lived to be the President, it would have been the death of your Nation. As it is you wasted your vote on a treasonous , gun-controlling, bought-and-paid-for leftist stooge who openly campaigned with a Killery shill as VP. Emphasis on the vice.

    Kill and Bill for Prison 2016. And that cunt Obama as well.

  23. So the GOP now holds Congress and the White House. Will they actually do anything over the next four years though?

  24. The market planned on Clinton winning. This is an expected drop.

    Yes, the same happened after Brexit. I was being mischievous. As with Brexit, the thought of a few City wankers losing money is the cherry on the cake.

  25. Had Clinton won the media would have been full of “we must come together as a nation” crap. Doubt we’ll see that now.

  26. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Wish I had some spare cash to buy the dip. The stock market is going to rebound just like it did in the UK.

  27. John Square: “That’s what I love about you Ecks: moderate and reasonable in victory.”

    “What is best in life, Donald?”

    “To crush your enemies, to drive them before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women”

  28. John Square: The Clinton cunt could have ruined the entire Western World allied with slime like Merkel and the EU.

    She is fortunate that it is Trump and not me as President. Trump will merely remove the corrupt immunity the Toxic Twins have enjoyed all their lives.

  29. Ecks,

    While I don’t want to get into a prolonged debate about the merits of evil women I feel safe in saying I can name at least one(because it is a ridiculously easy target, ie: I concede who is worse in this campaign which is what you asked months ago) her time wouldn’t have led to end times.

    Trump’s acceptance speech is acceptable to me for tonight. He has to represent all Americans, not just the New Englanders. We have strong motivations and history to work together. Are you willing to accept bastardized English(despite our Southern Drawl being perceived as outdated) as the dominate language?

  30. BiCR,

    I am getting a small chunk of change. Any tips? Keep in mind if I make bank off of the investment I will let you know when I find a good deal.

  31. Bloke in Costa Rica

    LY: Just buy an index fund. In fact that’s what you should always do anyway, unless you’re a hedgie.

  32. BiCR,

    From a PA perspective the D fraud is marginally acceptable thanks to what happens in Lawrence and Wyoming Counties. Based on what I have learned about decades of Pennsylvanian politics this was actually a fairly fare election.

    Am I really the only person who was willing to part with a few shillings for Jimmy Carter’s “Turning Point”.

    Note: This book does a good job at explaining a common US method of influencing elections. While it is from a blue perspective I see no reason why anyone should refuse to understand the lesson.

  33. BiRC,

    You’re right about the index fund. I just wish I could make the same type of after tax returns without having to pay their rents, assuming I am willing to accept the risk.

  34. @DongguanJohn: “Hold tight to the ones you love, America.”

    *sigh* You NEVER go full retard…unless you’re a ‘Guardian’ columnist!

  35. JuliaM,

    Guardian columnists come here for stories?

    I must be in the right place if I want to make benjermins from suckers then.

    I have a good angle on why the XXX pipeline should be protested and what companies should be shorted to make a profit in the back ground.

  36. DocBud: “You have to be a very special kind of human to lose an election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is just such a person”

    I just got home after driving 40 minutes across town. I burst out into uncontrollable giggling fits no less than five times at that exact thought. No matter what else has happened, her political career is stone cold dead and she couldn’t even beat a puffed up buffoon.

    Someone on Reddit posted this brilliant comment:

    I’m imagining the conversations…

    9 years ago:

    “Ok, no worries… you are the wife of a popular president and you’re a US senator… you are running against an unknown black guy with no experience named, get this… Barack Hussein Obama… yeah, this is a nomination cake walk.”

    All right, that was harder than it looked… next time we’ll make it even easier.

    “Okay, this time — you aren’t gonna believe this, no, seriously — total breeze. You’re up against a billionaire with a string of ex-wives and the most outrageous crap — all caught on video tape — with all the tact & class of a young Jersey Shore star… it’s Donald MF Trump, yeah, that guy… ok, you got this… A WALK IN THE PARK”

  37. “Trump’s acceptance speech is acceptable to me for tonight. He has to represent all Americans, not just the New Englanders.”

    Didn’t they all vote Democrat?

  38. Assange, Assange…wouldn’t it be just fantastic if the Leftist pinup from a few years ago is the one who fucked Hillary up?

  39. Fucking hell, the Graun has the begging bowl out today! 2 or 3 “become a supporter” or “make a donation” paragraphs on every page. Maybe it’s because I’m in foreign or ad blocking.

    Lefties may shout for media that reflect what they want, let’s see if they actually part with the cash for it.

  40. “Haven’t laughed so much since Granny got her tits caught in the mangle”

    (Whoever first used that line deserves a Pulitzer)

  41. Noel, I noticed that too. I think it’s because they see themselves as the heroes on the front line against ‘neoliberalism’ or whatever, and so given today’s news they think their supporters are prime for a fleecing.

  42. There appear to be significant questions over vote fraud – it’ll be interesting to see how that’s addressed.

    I see Sheriff Joe Arpaio,was voted out – and wonder – the Guardian is crowing over that – I just remember seeing a Dem activist about a week back with his tail up about Arizona … could be easily be a legit result – but if there was a man with a target pinned to him it was that guy….

  43. Theo

    I echo those congratulations – the immortal analogy used by the truly great Inimitable Steve (Whatever happened to Faux Steve – he seemed to disappear after Brexit?) was of Trump as the Rodney Dangerfield character in Caddyshack and Clinton as Kathy Bates from the film ‘Misery’. Truly an oracle for our times!

  44. “The view from Brussels: ‘A protest vote’

    European Parliament President Martin Schulz has called Donald Trump’s victory a “protest vote” along Brexit lines.

    He told Europe 1 radio that he felt “surprise” and “disappointment”, and expected it to be “harder to work with than the previous administration”.

    He called on the next US president to “respect the fundamental values of our sovereign nations.”

    They STILL don’t get it do they…?

  45. They STILL don’t get it do they…?

    They will still be confused as they swing from the lamp posts.

    A lefty friend of mine just said he ‘feels like he lives in a different world to everybody else’….. yes mate, you do.

  46. @JuliaM you’re right about the left not learning. First two posts on my FB timeliness this morning were about a) how stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to vote and b) how America has been ‘grabbed by the pussy’.

    They hate the electorate, without recognising the grip the left has on public information/education. They hate system, without recognising that successive lefty govts have done nothing to improve it.

    Because they didn’t get the result they wanted. Where’s that violin?

  47. Steve,

    I know you’ve long predicted a victory for His Yugeness, Lord Emperor Trump the First, but I thought this was just wishful thinking on your half.

    Here was me yesterday boring anyone who would listen with “Oh, Clinton definitely. The Polls!, etc”.

    I’ve got the news on with clips of Clinton with her ‘Quint from Jaws dragging his nails on the blackboard voice’ and now I’m wondering how I could ever have though the USA-ians would ever go for that.

  48. @Richard,

    With Andrew Neil this morning he said he’d be delighted to get a green card and be Trump’s Ambassador to the EU. I think I’d pay to see that!

  49. BiS: Whoever first used that line deserves a Pulitzer

    Too late, alas: “Jump” performed by Dudley Moore in his Derek persona as BiCyprus says. (Or was he Clive and Pete was Derek?)

    The entire ditty somehow fits Mrs Clinton rather well today.

  50. BIC: “He called on the next US president to “respect the fundamental values of our sovereign nations.”

    King ChromeDome Schultz said that?

    Talk about brass-fucking-neck.

    When is his gang going to start?

  51. The Inimitable Steve

    Dan – I’ve got the news on with clips of Clinton with her ‘Quint from Jaws dragging his nails on the blackboard voice’ and now I’m wondering how I could ever have though the USA-ians would ever go for that.

    Ha! God, yes. Imagine four years of that. It’d be like the stereotypical evil mother-in-law moving into your home, nagging you about your drinking habits, and taking over the telly because she wants to watch Great British Bake Off.

    Except with more middle eastern wars.

  52. “BiC & TMB
    First heard the version I quoted whilst my own granny was still alive*. So pre- ’70 at latest.

    * And most chortle-inspiring it was. But, then, you’d have to have known Granny. A terror inspiring, stocky, red-armed Eastender. who was reputed to have snatched German bombers from the skies with the sheer force of her gaze. And been privy to the details of The Great Washing Machine Disaster.

  53. The Guardian is hysterical. Brexit x 100. None of them saw it coming.

    And like Noel I see them begging for money after every article. They must be close to going under.

  54. Bloke in North Dorset

    So what lesson do we think the left will learn from this:

    1. Listen to people who disagree with you and think about what they are saying or

    2. Shout louder to shut them out of debates and call them even more name like bigot, deplorable, racists?

    My money’s on 2.

  55. Bloke in North Dorset

    From Mathew L’s link:

    “Hillary Clinton had her concession speech prepared – she just never thought she’d need to read it out loud.

    And when the moment came early today to admit that her lifelong dream of becoming America’s first woman president had been dashed, she simply couldn’t face the world.

    The devastated Democratic candidate remained locked in her New York hotel room as it became clear that her glass ceiling had come crashing down around her.”

    Or was she “tired and emotional”, to coin a phrase?

  56. 2016 has been a funny year – we lost Prince and David Bowie, but we got Brexit and Trump.

    My rather ‘alternative’ friend (she sells crystals, ’nuff said) says its because its a ‘Nine year’ – if you add up the numbers in 2016 they total nine, and such years are always years of significant change, apparently. Works for 2007 too, the beginning of the Great Financial Crash………….

  57. Just caught a bit of Womens Hour on R4. They’ve gone full on batshit crazy.
    It was pure joy to listen as they flailed around, bringing brexit, LBGTQXYZ and every other ‘ism’ they could find in to the conversation to throw at Trump, all the while portraying Hill and Bill as pure as the driven…

  58. “So what lesson do we think the left will learn from this:

    1. Listen to people who disagree with you and think about what they are saying or

    2. Shout louder to shut them out of debates and call them even more name like bigot, deplorable, racists?”

    Well they’ve been doing (2) for a reasonably long time now, so hopefully they’ll keep doing it, its bringing them such stunning success……………….

  59. Can’t understand all this right-wing enthusiasm for Trump as president ; he has said sensible things about not being entirely opposed to everything the Russians suggest.If this means a certain amount of co-operation over Syria it would be no bad thing surely? You never know : had their been peace in Syria and no millions fleeing for their lives into Europe we might not have had the panicky Brexit vote and demands to close Brit borders (They were closed anyway: our French allies did it for us).

  60. He called on the next US president to “respect the fundamental values of our sovereign nations.”

    The most cynical comment I have heard this year, and it has been a vintage year.

  61. Bloke in Costa Rica

    DBC Retard: I know you must be a bit upset. Have your orderlies taken your belt and shoelaces away? Probably for the best.

  62. “Granny got her tits caught in the mangle.”

    Funny lad and all, Peter Cook, but that’s sounds like music hall to me.

  63. I’m not greatly enthused by Trumps victory, but I am so fucking, humongously, mega amused, deliriously delighted that the evil witch bitch has lost. I’m glad that she has been hugely humiliated, but that pleasure is greatly magnified by the implosion of lefties and SJWs.

  64. As I was walking down the street one day
    I saw a house on fire
    There was a man, shouting and screaming at an upper-storey window

    To the crowd that was gathered there below
    For he was sore afraid

    Jump! You fucker, jump!
    Jump into this here blanket what we are holding
    And you will be all right
    He jumped, hit the deck, broke his fucking neck
    There was no blanket

    Laugh?! We nearly shat!
    We had not laughed so much since Grandma died
    Or Auntie Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle
    We are miserable sinners
    Fi-i-ilthy fuckers


  65. I have no enthusiasm for Trump as President. But I am mightily pleased that Clinton’s brazen endemic corruption has been punished by the voters. The choice was between a bad President who’d have some crap policies that would last till he left office and a bad President who would leave a legacy of corruption long after she’d left.

  66. Crawl away and blub Reed.

    Brexit was not just about the imported RoP. Though they helped and that battle has yet to be won.

    However your sickening hypocrisy is notable. You the twat who does little but spew nostalgia for your 1950s mixed -fucking-grill economic paradise when Britain was almost entirely free of 3rd world imports. Until the Windrush they weren’t on the ration coupon at all.

    And cooperation with Russia-(that’s Russia numb-nuts, not the Union of murdering Socialist Shithouse Clerks as in days of yore you are so fond of) is no problem anyway.

    French allies? What a fuckwit you are.

  67. @MrX
    Actually I’m keeping an open mind about Trump : he’s so confused he may light on a sensible foreign policy towards Russia and the Middle East , to the benefit of the Syrians and everybody else (but too late for us who jumped into Brexit panic-stricken by photographs of terrified refugees.)

    I don’t know why you assail me as some hard-line communist.
    As even you are aware, I favour the British mixed economy of the 5O’s and tend to admire Conservative PM Harold Macmillan though I was too young to vote for him.
    Moderation in all things, as always

  68. You are a loon Reedy.

    Supermac was a twatish Labour impersonator. Your 50s fantasy was that period where socialism can drain the markets wealth to give its vampirish cheeks a gloss of artificial living colour. Freeze that one moment in time and the false impression can be created that the mixed-grill is not poison. False is the key word. If you could find some way to reset the 50s eternally–like a decade long “Groundhog Day”– you might have your paradise. BUT YOU CAN’T.

    Trump is likely not at all confused about the Mid-East. Assad –though Arab socialist scum on similar lines to the Baarth gang of Saddam (and thus torturers and murders like ALL socialists not under control– albeit on a relatively small scale prior to the war) was a small issue compared to the present mess.

    No more Mid-East adventures–Assad restored –with a warning to behave himself a bit better–an accord between Russia and the US to engineer the destruction of ISIS and make his limits clear to Erdogan. Peace returns–migrant capers way down–no WW3 and one huuuuge drain on the US treasury halted.

  69. @Mr X
    I agree with your last paragraph. Crikey!
    (If you were suddenly taken over by sensible people and held against your will ,use some safe word like “Macmillan” and action will ensue, or not.)

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