Isn’t this such grand hypocritical fun!

Dakota Access oil pipeline protesters will not follow a government directive to leave the federal land where hundreds have camped for months, organizers said Saturday, despite state officials encouraging them to do so.

Standing Rock Sioux tribal leader Dave Archambault and other protest organizers confidently explained that they’ll stay at the Oceti Sakowin camp and continue with nonviolent protests a day after Archambault received a letter from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that said all federal lands north of the Cannonball River will be closed to public access Dec. 5 for “safety concerns.”

Remember when it was some handful of Bundys hanging out on some Federal land and they should all be sent to jail for life for treason? Even the outrage when they weren’t?

14 thoughts on “Isn’t this such grand hypocritical fun!”

  1. The whole thing is completely absurd. That oil is coming out of the ground one way or the other, and pipelines are environmentally preferable to rail transport by a huge margin.

  2. Non-voilent? At least three three IEDs have been recovered, when a rioting blew herself up approaching police lines. They were small based around has cylinders but they were bombs. In addition heaps of molotov cocktails and fires have been used against the police.

  3. BOB, with Obama in power, and looking at his shameless assault on BRITISH Petroleum over an oil spill that was next to marginal in the Gulf of Mexico, why would an oilco take the risk?

  4. “Non-violent” is a stock phrase used by the Left to describe their own violent campaigns of intimidation.

    It started off describing only those riots which smashed up property in the West End (described as “Non-violent direct action) but now the “non-violent” part seems to have spread to actually attempting to kill people too.

  5. The native tribes have never been integrated into liberal democracy. They are the remnants of a conquered people. Events like this will always be a rallying point for the wider native population to come and fire another few volleys at Uncle Sam.

    If the Americans can’t figure out how to integrate the Natives then they will have to suffer the occasional embarrassment of these Wounded Knee events

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