Jesus, someone shoot the subs here

Joy as first breast cancer drug approved for widespread use in ten years

There’s joy because people can use the drug in 10 years?

Oh, that’s right, they don’t have any subs any more, do they?

So the old cry, “Don’t these people have editors?” is now inoperative.

7 thoughts on “Jesus, someone shoot the subs here”

  1. Unless something has gone funny with my browsers, the Telegraph is currently showing headline stories from 31 March, including “Tata steel crisis: David Cameron rules out nationalisation saying it is ‘not the right answer'”!

  2. Jimmers

    It’ll be interesting to see how it’s going to work. The Times approach does stop you accessing stuff that’s unpaid for; the current DT approach doesn’t.

  3. I saw the Hellograph Premium announcement, and my first thought was to wonder if they had hired some decent journalists to write the premium articles. Because there certainly aren’t any left writing the standard ones.


    OK, this is “premium” and hence stops, presumably just before she reveals a little more.

    So, it looks like, once you register, you get a different link / page to this one?

    Maybe, if someone ever does register, we’ll find out how that works and if, once you have the new (full) link address, it’s then readable by someone else who hasn’t registered?

    I can’t see any way on that (half content) link above of accessing the full link.

    The Times, with their “ece” links, isn’t readable if you haven’t registered, and maybe the DT is simply going to head more in that direction?

  5. OK, the DT has formally gone retard – most of the nonsense now appears to be regarded as “premium” (as in paid)…

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