Just a little thought about young Owen and dissonance

The style and culture of the radical left is often shaped by university-educated young people (a group that includes me). They are a growing and diverse group; often they hail from modest backgrounds.

If we’ve got a growing and diverse group of university educated peeps from modest backgrounds doesn’t that mean that we’ve got lots of lovely social mobility?

12 thoughts on “Just a little thought about young Owen and dissonance”

  1. They may be growing, but they are diverse only in the most trivial ways. In the only diversity which matters, that of opinion and thought, they are a hive.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    What is the relation between social mobility and a degree in basket weaving from Bogside Polytechnic?

    Or a degree in philosophy or political science for that matter.

  3. It means we have all-too-many teenpunks who combine adolescent unhappiness at middle class Mummy and Daddy with Uni-indoctrinated Marxist bullshit evil.

    It means the Purge is needed NOW.

  4. In order to achieve lovely social mobility there needs to be a simultaneous despoilation of older white middle class people because you only get down from the barricades to nick somebody else’s stuff.

  5. Rob

    I am reminded of the immemorial sentence from the great Ward Connerly:

    ‘I told them quite pointedly I would gladly talk about diversity when they would talk about hiring a pro-lifer, an evangelical Christian, or indeed someone who was a Republican….’

  6. “…often they hail from modest backgrounds…”

    This is put in (with the unspoken rider “like me”) as a straightforward virtue-signalling pointer.

    It means “look how poor my family was”.

    It can usually be discounted; genuinely poor people (the white working class) hardly ever go even to pretend Uni.

  7. So racism, homophobia and misogyny are still top of the list.

    Here, at a guess, is a selection of stuff that the salt of the earth that used to vote labour wants:

    Lower taxes
    Lower sin taxes, booze and fags, petrol, parking fines, etc.
    Benefit cap strongly enforced
    Limit to how long you can get benefits
    No more get pregnant get a council flat
    Fewer jobsworths, especially in local govt
    NHS tourists to pay in advance for treatment
    Stop the farce of needing a degree to empty a bedpan
    Ease planning restrictions and build more houses
    Get the diversity advisers out mending the potholes
    Homework, tests and competitive sport for kids
    Strong controls on immigration
    Family reunion / marriage to happen in the original country
    Greater surveillance of mosques
    Police to investigate crime, not “hate crime”

    Not every potential labour voter wants the whole caboodle, of course. But can you imagine Owen or his metro chums even offering two from the above list? If so, then as Timmy says, I’ve got a hell of a bridge to sell you.

  8. Tim, Betteridge’s law applies to your question. No, because they all did arts degrees and are working in McDonald’s.

  9. The brightish kids that used to grow up, work in the local factory or pit and join the Left Book Club and go to WEA events and so on are mostly going to a poly now and then getting some low-to-medium level office job. They don’t end up in the same jobs with their schoolmates or even the same pubs any more.

    So, instead of having adults who understand what the Owen Joneses of the world are talking about, but are still actually working class and can translate from academic bollockspeak into working-class English, they have a complete communication failure. He’s groping his way to this, but he probably sneers at John Prescott instead of noticing how many people found he was the only one they understood.

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