Luvvie gets outraged



Is there any indication at all that Melania Trump has the slightest interest in your clothes?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So we must ruin anyone who doesn’t want to bake a cake for a Gay wedding but we must celebrate someone who won’t make clothes for a harmless immigrant? Why the hatred for someone who is, at least, documented?

    It is a good thing the Left has double standards or it would have no standards at all.

  2. ooh-she would have clothed elmelda marcos a few years ago, but picked up on a few signs from Michelle and decided a) Melania is a little out of my league being a billionaires’ model wife in the first place.b) Michelle is not going out of the potential client list eye any time soon.

  3. SMFS – this tweet about your service point — LOL

    “@VictoryInLove @tonikuehl12 @sophietheallet she’s not refusing service. She’s refusing freebies.”

  4. So she’s refusing to clothe the immigrant wife of the most openly pro-gay presidential candidate in the history of the US….

  5. As advertising goes it seems piss-poor.

    How have the left manufactured this Trump=”bigot” bullshit?

    From the Democrats–the party of the Houseboy?

  6. An interesting although rather pathetic mix of marketing and virtue-signalling.

    My feeling is it will just get lost in the noise with half the population thinking ‘what a t*t!’

  7. abacab- all the more lols, to point this out to counter those who had equated sophies act to other denials of service on moral grounds.

  8. Basically, she now wants to highlight herself to the rich SJWs. Good marketing.

    Thing is, I remember all the talk about Reagan. How he was this idiot cowboy actor, a bible-bashing Christian and going to bring about armageddon. I was young and naive enough to buy that portrayal by Not The Nine O’Clock News and others. Actual result? Nuclear disarmament, end of the cold war, no change to church and state, the economy improved.

    Maybe Trump will be fine. I don’t know. One thing is this: no-one got him there but the little people. He didn’t get soft interviews in the NYT. He didn’t have billions of contributions from businesses that now want a return on investment. His party basically hates him, so he doesn’t even have to look after them.

    I’d have voted Hilary, but it might be that in a year, he’ll have proven me wrong.

  9. “How have the left manufactured this Trump=”bigot” bullshit?”

    By pointing out all the genuine bigots who expressed support for him?

    Authoritarians always object to the bigotry of other flavours of authoritarian. That’s what the fight is about, for them. “Everyone should be made to live and think as we do!” They don’t argue that people shouldn’t be bigoted – only what they should be bigoted about.

    And when you live in that sort of authoritarian mindset, anyone who doesn’t live in the same Weltanschauung as you is ‘bigoted’ by definition.

  10. Obviously Obama didn’t deport enough foreigners to meet her definition of racism and bigotry. This level must be above 3 million.

    Anyway, as soon as I saw her ‘brand’ uncapitalised I knew it would be virtue signalling wank. She’ll sacrifice SO MUCH making her stand. What a heroine! Swoon, etc.

  11. Jonathon: I’m old-fashioned. I remember a time when lies had to have a tiny semblance to at least a possible truth. It didn’t used to be enough just to say something and have it accepted as being true regardless.

  12. NiV–Since “bigot” is anyone you don’t agree with lets hope that you aren’t excluding yourself from your own remarks.

  13. NiV – and studiously avoiding all the nasty bigots who support Hillary. Or the extremests Obama actually appointed. And, it appears that the definition of “bigot” now includes people who express the same or similar views to Obama and Bubba Clinton, so it’s utterly meaningless.

    You’re not responsible for people who support you, particularly in a binary system that will see a lot of support by default.

  14. “NiV – and studiously avoiding all the nasty bigots who support Hillary.”

    Exactly. “They don’t argue that people shouldn’t be bigoted – only what they should be bigoted about.”

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    NiV – “They don’t argue that people shouldn’t be bigoted – only what they should be bigoted about.”

    It is impossible to avoid bigotry. We can only debate what is worth being bigoted about. Humans are irrational creatures who cannot stand much logic and rationality. They need well defined areas of irrationality.

    Personally I am relaxed about a smoking hot immigrant in the White House. Especially as she supports the sort of homosexuality we can all get behind. Or at least she is willing to pose in lipstick lesbian faux-homosexual soft porn pictures. Which is good enough for me.

  16. Julia M
    And her politics are if anything even uglier. She’s basically a black supremacist. To think the Dems want her to run in 2020 is amusing, though.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock – “Maybe Melania can sew, and won’t have to go naked.”

    I think I speak for a large number of men when I say I think we are all praying she can’t sew.

    And that Michelle can.

  18. re: Pat

    Ivana is Ex-Wife #1. Ivanka is Daughter #1, fashion model/designer, owner of her own lines of jewelry and clothing and Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization.

  19. I pointed this out to an anti trump colleague and made the link to cakes and gay weddings, apparently this is different as you are allowed to discriminate against people on political grounds, it was amusing watching him try to justify it

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