Marmite says Zac? My Dad used to own that

Not quite the greatest insult ever in the annals of political history.

Unknown LibDem Richmond candidate Sarah Olney has used her first national newspaper interview to launch a clumsy attack on Zac Goldsmith’s wealth. Speaking to the MoS, Olney went after Zac over the money he inherited from his dad, claiming he won’t understand what it means if the price of Marmite goes up.

Sir Jams did used to own Marmite after all.

29 thoughts on “Marmite says Zac? My Dad used to own that”

  1. Unknown? She was the candidate last time. The metropolitican London elite now don’t even notice things that actually happen in London.

  2. “claiming he won’t understand what it means if the price of Marmite goes up.”

    It means people will pay slightly more for a non-essential consumer good. I can’t see this bringing the people of Richmond onto the streets in a pitchfork wielding mob.

  3. The Marmite thing is ridiculous. Even people who adore the stuff don’t get through much, because it’s incredibly strong so you spread it thin. A family who gorge on the stuff are going to buy, what, a jar a month? A price increase from cheap to not-quite-as-cheap just won’t bother anyone. There are plenty of foods whose prices really can hit poor people, and this isn’t one of them. I suspect the reason for mentioning Marmite rather than one of those other foods is a condescending signal to the working classes: “Hey, oiks! That’s that stuff you eat, isn’t it? I feel your pain!”

    More of a Gentleman’s Relish man, myself.

  4. I have no idea how much marmite costs even though I eat the stuff regularly. I don’t know how much a pint of milk costs either.
    Or a packet of chocolate hobnobs.

    Because I wander round the supermarket, putting things in my trolley and pay for it all at the checkout.

  5. Having tasted Marmite, all I can say is it amazes me that British types don’t pay to avoid it.

    Then again, we’re talking about a people who don’t understand the difference between scrambled eggs and egg soup.

  6. I thought the difference the Brits didn’t understand was that between scrambled egg and overcooked egg lumps.

  7. I hate Marmite and love Vegemite. Which is odd, as even I can taste that they’re almost identical. Whatever the tiny difference in taste is, it must be right on the cusp of my preferences.

    Well, I find it interesting.

  8. “Having tasted Marmite, all I can say is it amazes me that British types don’t pay to avoid it.”


  9. @Squander Two

    I’m similarly interesting in that I like Twiglets but not Marmite.

    Actually, you’re probably more interesting because for me it’s about the delivery method and in your case, I fear it’s probably because you’re eccentric verging on bonkers. Which is, of course, much more interesting.

  10. Dennis – the rest of the world hasn’t forgiven us for Spam yet.

    I would ask the candidate if she knew how much a jar of Robinsons strawberry jam cost?
    Or how much a coconut costs?

    Just as relevant.

  11. Just to add – the coconut carried by swallows is still capable of going up in price as the cost of birdseed goes up.

  12. I wonder how many people weeping about this are strong supporters of the sugar tax? Some price rises are good, some bad, m’kay?

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    The one time I tried Marmite I quite liked it. Unfortunately it didn’t like me. I’ll spare you the details.

  14. Ah, wogs…

    First, the taste of umami sucks, so saying Marmite tastes like umami really doesn’t sell it.

    Second, properly cooked scrambled eggs are light and fluffy, not lumpy. In any event, you shouldn’t be able to pour scrambled eggs.

    Probably no accident that the best meal I’ve had in the entire U.K. was cooked by a Pakistani…

  15. Reminds me of the anecdote about Prince Phillip being asked if he knew of the Scilly Islands.

    We only want sensible islands, thank you very much.

  16. My wife tried cooking scrambled eggs earlier this year. On her own without any coaching from me (gentlemen, bad idea to teach your wife to cook or drive).
    She is getting there. Slowly but surely.
    Give it time she will be able to produce decent scrambled eggs.

    Some things are just not easy to make well.

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Always amazes me when the people that invented the corn dog and the cheeseburger stuffed-crust pizza have the nerve to criticise British food (which these days is usually pretty amazing). I hear tell that down South, some of the filthy animals eat polenta for breakfast, and put syrup on things that in good conscience should not even be shown a picture of some syrup, like bacon. For fuck’s sake.

    A 500g jar of Marmite (which is about a year’s consumption for me) is £4.00. If it were to go up to £4.50 I doubt many people would be forced into penury.

  18. “It means people will pay slightly more for a non-essential consumer good.”



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