My, how the claims change

I am also heartened by progress on standardised or “plain” packaging – a measure introduced by the treaty and pioneered in Australia, where smoking rates have now fallen to record lows. The early evidence from Australia shows that plain packaging, as part of a comprehensive approach to tobacco control, is diminishing the appeal of tobacco products, increasing the effectiveness of health warnings and reducing the ability of the pack to mislead.

Weren’t we originally told that plain packaging caused an immediate drop in consumption?

That’s now inoperative is it?

9 thoughts on “My, how the claims change”

  1. One would venture to suggest that since plain packaging is a counterfeiters’ charter, the consumption of legal fags may well have fallen, however…

  2. The Gladrag itself needs to be plain-packaged ie sold with entirely blank pages. It would be both more interesting and useful. Being once again able to wrap chips.

    That or compile those faux newspaper chip-wrappers into a publication.

    Same result.

  3. Plain packs are in the uk now, but there’s an interesting wrinkle- my preferred brand used to be £6:50 for 18.

    The regs prohibit sales of less than a pack of 20. The price has stayed the same.

    So fags are now cheaper than before.

    Result (I have a dunhill cig case anyhow)

  4. I love the Guardian proudly displaying an opinion piece from the unelected head of an international organisation which bans the press from its meetings and organises its jollies in some of the most repressive countries on earth.

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