My Word, Eton is more fun than I had thought!

Eton ‘appoints fist woman deputy’

Or not more fun depending upon how you take or deliver that practice.

7 thoughts on “My Word, Eton is more fun than I had thought!”

  1. Meanwhile, though boys at an elite school are not supposed to fancy girls of a different race, they are supposed to indulge in homosexual practices.
    Does anybody know why Harold Macmillan was removed from Eton, giving him the advantage of a lack of British education?

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    DBC Retard: what the fuck are you on about? Did you go to public school? Of course not—no-one who did turns out to be such a sniffy oik. Did you form all your opinions about what it’s like from reading Jennings and Billy Bunter while frotting yourself into a jealous lather that you had to make to with Gasworks Street Comprehensive? Oh yes, there were tons of midnight feasts and wizard japes, and lashings of buggery, and woe betide anyone who fancied a darkie.


    And yes, “anybody” knows why Macmillan left Eton: he was invalided out and then tutored at home.

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