Never award yourself powers you don’t want your enemy to have

In all the outrage about the unhinged things Donald Trump keeps tweeting and saying, there’s been almost zero criticism at the fact that Obama will be partly responsible for the extraordinary scope of powers Trump inherits. The Obama administration has not only done nothing to curtail the slew of extreme national security and war powers that Trump is about to acquire since the election – the White House is actively expanding them.


13 thoughts on “Never award yourself powers you don’t want your enemy to have”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    A little bit of self-awareness dawns.

    I think that decency demands a reasoned and sensible response. But I am not the person for that. Those Leftists can suck it up. Trump has been given the power to kill American citizens overseas without judicial oversight. The next time Noam Chomsky speaks at a Hezbollah rally, I think he knows what he ought to do.

    I also like that Guardian article on why “political correctness” does not exist.

  2. One thing I’d like to see from Trump is a transfer of power & responsibility to states. I doubt we’ll see it – it goes against any politician’s natural instinct to cut their own powers – but Trump certainly isn’t a typical politician.

  3. Oh no. To be fair to Trevor Trimm in the Guardian, he has been saying it loudly and consistently for the past 8 years and…what? … oh.

  4. R4 Today Programme had wall-to-wall reporting of outgoing CIA Director, John Brennan, ‘warning’ Donald Trump about his foreign policy.

    Some story.

    Man does not like the new boss who just fired him.

  5. Trump is a master tweeter troll. See the latest about flag burning? All the usual msm/leftists in uproar not realising that HRC proposed that back in 2005!

    Very funny

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I find I can live with Lefties quivering at the thought that President-elect* Trump will rule atop a throne of skulls. He won’t, of course; he’ll no doubt prove to be far too centrist and accommodating for my tastes. But it’s fun to see them frit.

    * I like writing that as it makes all the right people have a sad.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    He’s also fallen back on the Clinton won the popular vote argument.

    These people are shameless.

  8. I get to feel smug. As many may recall my primary issue this year was not repealing the Patriot Act.

    If I were President nothing would get done unless it were leading to the repeal of wrongheaded laws. Executives orders can be powerful things and I fully admit I’d abuse them causing chaos unless I got my way. The trick is that my last executive order would be that future presidents are limited to three executive orders per term and one of those can’t be for more executive orders. The lawyers who make sure it’s set up correctly will get the court spots.

    I figure this could be done in about three months without Congress. Sadly they are needed so I’d have to hold the job for a couple years to get rid of the worst of the laws.

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