No, no, it wasn’t

The college was designed to serve as something of an escape hatch, allowing for a candidate considered unsuitable for office to be denied the presidency.

It was designed, as with the different constituencies and numbers for the House and Senate, to ensure that political power was geographically dispersed in a geographically dispersed society.

18 thoughts on “No, no, it wasn’t”

  1. Christ, these people are tiresome, like remoaners.

    I still think Hilary was marginally the better choice (for reasons like TPP) but the people voted Trump. Respect that choice.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Yes, and that a manifestly bad candidate could be rejected. The Founders had a deep distrust of the democratic mob.

    The point is that the only manifestly unsuitable candidate was Hillary. There is no case for the College to act.

  3. It doesn’t matter what it was designed for. It’s the system until it’s changed.

    They won’t move go change it, because actually they don’t really care enough.

  4. Two things.

    1. No grumbles from the left if the college puts aside a left candidate at a future election.

    2. No grumbles from Occupy or BLM when they discover what real insurrection of the people looks like.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s only Clinton electors that are actually doing this. Only Maine and Nebraska are not winner-takes-all States, so what this twat is suggesting is reducing Clinton’s EC votes. No Republican elector is going to follow suit. The NeverTrumpers have realised who has the whip hand and they’re falling into line. Any shenanigans will be punished.

  6. TMB

    LOL… It was good thanks, this local bar has a micro-brewery and sells beer in 1 L mugs. I only had a couple mind. Wife finally let me in when I started knocking on the door and thought I’d wake the kid up.

  7. Can’t be bothered to research it, but wasn’t the electoral college introduced to counter the possibility; by the time the electoral result came in from the far flung states the presidential candidate might be dead?

  8. The more I read about the election – pointed in the right direction by the estimable Mr Paine at The Last Ditch – the more I become convinced that the Democrats and the media lost it for Clinton, in much the same way as Remainers and Obama and the media lost it for their side.

    When the media write that Trump was in talks with the KKK ordinary people just laugh. It’s like NL with racism. Brexit voters who liked the Asian guy in the local newsagent, who worked with umm, coloured people, they knew bullshit when they saw it and disregarded any relevant arguments the Remainers put forward.

    So just as the Remainers,by shutting up, could have won the vote, so the Democrats, by not just letting Trump hang himself, lost the election.

  9. > the Remainers,by shutting up, could have won the vote

    Yeah, probably, but not just during the campaign: they would need to have shut up about ten years ago and kept schtumm since.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    John Miller,

    “pointed in the right direction by the estimable Mr Paine at The Last Ditch ”

    Thanks, I hadn’t realised he was back. I took him out of my RSS feeds when he said he’d had enough of politics and went off touring the USA after his wife died.

    He’s a good blogger and now back in my feed.

  11. It looks more and more as though the Clinton campaign was campaigning to win the popular vote, forgetting that they had to win the college vote, piling up useless majorities in states where it would mek no difference to still getting 100% of that state’s votes. Just like Labour in the UK build up higher and higher useless majorities in solid Labour seats.

  12. Just like Labour in the UK build up higher and higher useless majorities in solid Labour seats.

    Actually that isn’t a Labour problem so much as it is a Tory problem, that of rural constituencies being overwhelmingly Tory, but still coughing up with just a single MP.

    Hopefully the 2018 reduction of seats as well as re-balancing the constituencies to remove the bias towards small Labour constituencies will address the worst excesses of the current system.

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