No shit Sherlock

The John Lewis advert faced backlash from parents concerned about foxes defecating in back gardens and bovine tuberculosis. Many said it wasn’t a realistic view of wildlife in UK gardens.

Quite apart from anything else the badger would be eating the hedgehog – and not in a lascivious manner.

No doubt these same people will be protesting Wind in the Willows over that same bovine tuberculosis.

14 thoughts on “No shit Sherlock”

  1. @AD – twitter feeds and Facebook posts now count as news and it is a sad state of affairs.

    I had a FB discussion with someone quoting the Independent listing some tweets as proof that US Muslims are in fear of their lives.

    Mind you, she also linked to a news story about a Muslim student who got beaten up and her hijab pinched. That story turned out to be bullshit and the student may face charges for lying to the police.

  2. Come to think of it, do those complaining about the wildlife acting a particular way know the difference between documentary and advert? The kids do know.

  3. I’m delighted that the worst thing in these children’s lives is the fucking John Lewis advert.

    As I get older I increasingly feel that I am living in some alternate reality populated by aliens. Nothing seems to make sense anymore.

  4. The anti-Daily Mail campaign is just ridiculous. Are the middle classes really going to stop shopping at Waitrose in protest? And if they vote with their feet, does any supermarket not advertise in the Daily Mail?

  5. My wife and I liked it – seemed to be the right time to poke a little gentle fun at the whole Christmas Ad industry. As I worked for John Lewis up until 2 weeks ago, I was interested to see what they’d come up with (it’s top secret – there are whole areas of head office noone is allowed into).

    I was a little bemused to see the Guardian attacking it because it was like they were celebrating the Trump win (with the dog being Trump, I guess) and there was some rumbling because they hadn’t had Santa put up the trampoline (thus maybe causing some kids to doubt his existence). Some people need to get out more.

  6. Didn’t the Greenies also get their knickers in a twist over trampolines in gardens reducing green space.There’s no pleasing some people is there.

  7. JuliaM

    “People in urban areas would be better advised to worry about drug-resistant TB.”

    So, instead, let’s have some feral consumptive migrants bouncing on a trampoline until caught and deported by men in squirrel suits. Works for me.

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