Not going to happen of course

US Presidential-elect Donald Trump Monday said UKIP leader, Nigel Farage “would do a great job” as Great Britain’s ambassador to The United States. “Many people would like to see Nigel Farage represent Great Britain as their Ambassador to the United States. He would do a great job,” tweeted Trump.

Ambassadorships in the US system are political appointments. It’s only small and not nice places which are lucky enough to get a career man posted. The fun places get the used car salesman who bundled some political donations for the winning President.

The British system is almost all career postings. There’s the occasional political one but they’re rare.

20 thoughts on “Not going to happen of course”

  1. Peter Jay was the last political one I recall.

    And Maggie did offer it to Heath, but he preferred his Great Sulk.

  2. It would stick in too many throats; and as DB noted, such appointments are retained for son-in-laws. At some stage, however, the Establishment and the Self-Righteous will have to reach some sort of accommodation with the Incorrigibles, the Fruitcakes and Loonies.

  3. Blair sent a big fuck you to Australia by sending three failed politicians as High Commissioner from 1999 to 2011.

  4. Venezuala. Now there’s a plum posting.
    Get me a copy of the Guardian please Permanent Secretary.

    There are others. Burkino Faso, Liberia, Luxembourg…

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Fat Pang was governor not ambassador but fair point about failed politicians getting plum jobs. See also Mandelson.

    I’d send wee Owen to Venezuela with instructions to explain to people why the British left think their Government is wonderful. That might earn him a good slapping.

  6. The sad thing is the reaction in Whitehall and “diplomatic circles”. Donald Trump is nothing if not unconventional so the collective clutching at their pearls by the FCO mandarins and in Downing Street shows a lack of intelligence and a woeful absence of charm and humour.

    If Donald Trump gets on well with Nigel Farage, it wouldn’t have cost Theresa May anything to find a form of words which appears to welcome all means of promoting US/UK

    Instead of which she comes across as sniffy and Kim Darroch looks rather reduced.

    It’s surprising that Boris hasn’t intervened yet…

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I quite like Guido’s idea of making Farage our trade ambassador to the USA. It won’t happen because our politicians are too thin skinned to grab an advantage that might mean they have to swallow huge amounts of humble pie.

  8. Lokks like history just swerved to the right and a whole bunch of people are on the wrong side of it.

    May was wrong about brexit and wrong about Trump. I’m just waiting for her whole hearted support for Merkel.

  9. I quite like the idea of appointing Boris Secretary of State (assuming that he still retains his US citizenship). He’s obviously far better qualified than the candidates who get floated in the press.

  10. The whole point of an ambassador is to have your man in Washington. It’d be ridiculous to appoint Trump’s man to the job.

  11. According to TB*, the job of the US ambassador is “to crawl up the arse of the [Bush] administration and stay there”. He may be a loathsome excuse for a human being, but he knew how politics was played.

    * From yesterday’s headlines it would appear he’s still not dead. Someone needs to drive a stake though his heart (admittedly that’s a very small target).

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There’s no need to appoint Farage as a plenipotentiary ambassador, which would of course be antithetical to the way the Foreign Office does things (generally the better way, unlike the Yanks’ habit of using ambassadorships as baubles for cronies). But a smart move from the government’s standpoint would be to have Nige inside the tent pissing out, so giving him some form of at-large position, with diplomatic perquisites, would probably work quite nicely.

  13. As usual, Beeb throwing a hissy fit over this one. Trumps bad manners. Breach of diplomatic conventions.

    Just like they did when the Barackboy intervened in Brexit.

    Or not…

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