Oh Dear God, pray that this is true

The full glory being here at The Guardian.

Absolutely prime, prime, trolling.

I wonder what The G is going to say about this?

18 thoughts on “Oh Dear God, pray that this is true”

  1. Brilliant. All those far left fascists nodding along sagely suddenly find they’ve been trolled. Even more expert than Trump.

  2. It’s very well written.

    Tim, do the Guardian even need to be concerned. When we get to the point where it becomes difficult to distinguish (what should be obvious) parody from the reality, the Guardian may as well just shrug!

  3. At last something in the Grauniad for which one might fork out fiver.

    Sadly (in a sense) Douglas Murray wrote a piece in the Speccie fisking the Guardian piece.

  4. My favourite Godfreyism when he became black: ‘a person’s skin colour has nothing to do with the colour of their skin’.

    The BBC show when he was on about Star Wars was very funny.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s one of the most brilliant bits of guerilla satire I’ve ever seen, and Godfrey has big brass ones. But this is really the apotheosis of Poe’s Law, and a nice example of confirmation bias. Sokal and Bricmont couldn’t have got their nonsense published if it hadn’t flattered the egos of the editors; this piece is no different in that regard. We can see this by the fact that the only people who smelt a rat this time were not Grauniadistas.

  6. John Square, google godfrey elfwick and bbc and it is there. Also, if you google his name and ‘wrongskin’ (he claimed to be born in the wrong skin around the time a woman in America was purporting to be black when she is white), you get lots of funny stuff, but I couldn’t find the quote I’d seen above from Twitter.

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