Oh, well done, well done indeed!

Ireland’s class of 2016 stamped their names into the history books as Joe Schmidt’s side dispatched New Zealand 40-29 in Chicago for their first victory over the All Blacks in 111 years of trying. Three days after the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year drought to land baseball’s World Series, Ireland lit up the city’s Soldier Field stadium with their maiden win over the All Blacks at the 29th attempt.

New Zealand’s record-breaking winning run was halted at 18 Tests – their last defeat was by Australia in August 2015 – after the Irish were forced to hold off a ferocious fightback in the second half, which saw the All Blacks recover from a 30-8 deficit after 46 minutes to go within four points at 33-29.

Not particularly because it is Ireland that did it, nor that it ends the winning streak. Just because beating the All Blacks in a test is one of the more difficult achievements in sport.

Difficult achievements should be applauded. As they say, this is the first time Ireland have achieved it….

15 thoughts on “Oh, well done, well done indeed!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I didn’t bother to watch it. I am kicking myself. Who would have thought?

    I missed Japan beating the Kiwis too. I should re-think my assumptions.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    MyBurningEars – “South Africa surely?”

    Damn it. If I am going to regret it forever, I better make sure I remember it right.

  3. Happy to say I watched both games. But I’m an obsessive which means I also watch a lot of dross e.g. Wales vs Aus earlier in the day…

  4. There should be a word for a foregone conclusion that didn’t actually happen.
    Maybe there is in German?

  5. It was a great game which Ireland thoroughly deserved to win; the played better, their tactics were better and they came out of the gate absolutely wanting to put that 111 year old demon to rest.

    There aren’t too many people in New Zealand who are that upset by this result: someone had to beat us sometime and we would far rather that it was a great Irish team than an Aussie one!

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    Definitely worth digging out the replay if you can. Even knowing the score I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

  7. Was great for Ireland, Northern Hemisphere rugby and rugby in general.

    Before now the only test sides to have beaten the ABs were Aus, SA, Eng and Fra.

    Certainly makes Wales look like even more of a shower and England now have no excuse to not to beat both SA and Aus considering SA have been poor, Aus were thumped 3-0 at home and England havent beaten SA in a decade.

    Six Nations will once again be awesome in 2017.

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