Oooh, hmm

From Matt Ridley:

After all, the purpose of all work is consumption, as Adam Smith nearly said. The economist Tim Worstall puts it this way: “There will continue to be jobs for humans as long as there are unsatisfied human wants and desires. Once all of those are satisfied then jobs don’t matter, do they?”

Will have to tell him that I’m not an economist……

16 thoughts on “Oooh, hmm”

  1. You’re being too hard on yourself when there’s people calling themselves economists who palpably aren’t remotely qualified to do.

    If Arnie were here he could perhaps get The Fat Comptroller to knock up a piece on how you’re not an economist?

  2. Agreed that you are being too hard on yourself,
    You spend much of your time writing about economics and people like me enjoy reading your articles are learning a bit more economics. You may not be a 0.2 professor of anything but that title doesn’t define whether your are an economist or not!

  3. This position works well for me. There was one lovely gotcha when D2 bemoaned the fact that I considered myself and economist and I certainly didn’t have a degree in the subject. At which point I was able to point out that my degree is in the subject and that I repeatedly insist that I am not an economist.

    My point is that I don’t have professional qualifications in the subject and thus should not, and don’t, use the professional title.

    This also aids me in something else. There are areas of the subject that I’ve no clue about and no possibility of ever gaining a clue about. There are other areas where I’m right there on the edge of the research envelope, right up there with the best in the field. That’s best explained by saying that I’m not actually an economist although very interested in the subject.

  4. Professional qualifications, hell even a Nobel Prize, in economics are no indicator of competence or quality.

    Look at Krugman FFS.

  5. 1.5 of a Professor and if at the ex-tech college we all love and nuture, 4.85 of a Professor based on the standards we are currently aware of.

    Bottom of scale 0.2

  6. “I don’t have professional qualifications in the subject”

    Are there any professional qualifications in economics? I didn’t think so, or at least none that are taken seriously. I thought it was just a vaguely relevant degree and then doing it.

  7. “I don’t have professional qualifications in the subject”: there are none such that I’ve ever heard of. Chartered Economist? Nope. Institution of Professional Economists? Nope. Royal College of Economists? No such thing.

    Hell I was once asked to mark Economics A-level papers, and I learnt most of my economics at my father’s knee. The old boy was sharper than most economists I’ve met, but that’s a different matter.

  8. In the case of economics I think ‘professional’ really means academic. And of course, as certain examples testify, academic doesn’t mean qualified [‘certified’ maybe].

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    I can see you’re point. Economists are amongst those “experts” that Gove perceptively pointed out that we’ve stopped listening to.

    Much better to be a commentator and point out why they are wrong and entertain, educate and inform us along the way.

  10. Why bother, Tim?

    The world is full of people passing themselves off as economists without any credential. Just look at Jared Bernstein, or maybe even Robert Reich!

  11. “My point is that I don’t have professional qualifications in the subject and thus should not, and don’t, use the professional title.”

    But ban the guilds!

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