Proofreaders, who needs ’em?

From Fox News:

“Voters upset that Republican Donald Trump had been elected president — or think that the presidency was unfairly taken from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton — are scrambling for ways to change the results.
Their major focus is trying to get members of the U.S. Electoral College to change their vote, arguing that Clinton should be the next president because 60.47 Americans voted for her, compared to 60 million for Trump. “

Spotter, KAR in NZ.

15 thoughts on “Proofreaders, who needs ’em?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Clearly Hillary should be President. It is a matter of inter-generational fairness. After all, the dead rose and voted for her in huge numbers.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Burke always said that society is a matter of the dead, the living, and the yet to be born.”

    That is the odd thing about the Democrats – so dependent on the votes of the department, so indifferent to the rights of the unborn.

  3. It reminds me of that famous Katharine Hayhoe tweet: “I don’t debate unless there’s equal representation (49 pro-climate chg scientists vs 1 against)”

  4. The absentee ballots only get counted if there is the possibility they might upset the count. I think New Hampshire needed them counted, hence delay in declaring, but this didn’t happen in most states.

  5. Their major focus is trying to get members of the U.S. Electoral College to change their vote,

    Somebody doesn’t understand how the EC works. This isn’t like Brexit where, if the government doesn’t like the vote, it can override it.

    The EC’s been stood up, the EC’s voted, the EC’s been disbanded. Its a done deal.

  6. What they refuse to acknowledge is that if it had been a popular vote election then the candidates would have campaigned differently to win the popular vote, not to win the college votes. Clinton was repeatedly stated to be targetting states for the college votes, and relying on the college votes of her “firewall” states. For example, her team campaigned knowing that without any work 55% in California would get her 55 votes not 27 votes, so directed their campaign thusly.

    If it had been a popular vote campaign they would have campaigned to get popular votes, and the end result may very well have resulted in the same candidate winning – becuase they would have campaigned differently to win different types of votes.

  7. On Oct. 20, Democrats very publicly declared that not accepting the results of the election would be TREASON.

    Now, they commit treason.

    One must have no memory to be a Democrat.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    No, they said if Trump doesn’t accept the vote its treason. You must have misheard or are putting words in their mouths. As the keepers of all that is holy they can’t ever be guilty of such offences.

  9. It’s bollocks anyway. Everyone knows that millions of Clinton’s votes will have come from electoral fraud. Like most lefties who’ve never been told ‘No!’ in their lives, she just can’t accept that she lost.

    And it’s double bollocks because Trump was playing by the rules the election was run under. If the popular vote mattered, he’d have been playing for that, rather than electoral college votes.

    Finally, all the electoral college voters know that electing Clinton would result in civil war. So forget it.

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