Quite marvellous whatabouttery here

The embattled director of the FBI has been accused of covering up evidence of Donald Trump’s links to Russia while inflicting severe damage on Hillary Clinton, as Democrats hit back in a growing scandal involving her email server.

Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate, accused James Comey of “a disturbing double standard” and, in a remarkably forthright letter, said he regretted supporting a man who he once believed was “a principled public servant.”

Having links with Russia ain’t a crime….

19 thoughts on “Quite marvellous whatabouttery here”

  1. No, but. US and European banks wont touch Trump. He gets his finance from Russia. Would you want your leader in personal debt to Putin’s bankers?

  2. Yes, Comey was a principled public servant when he was refusing to prosecute Hillary for doing what would land anyone else in jail for life. And to question him was an assault on democracy. How times have changed,

    And the idea that Trump is in the pocket of the Russians is laughable.

  3. And how many of Putin’s friends donated to the Clinton foundation?

    This is serious monkey-in-a-glass-house-flinging-stones-alles-über-der-Platz-because-it’s-panicking-and-doesn’t-know-what-to-do time…

  4. Not TIS but Full-Stop Steve, Failed Enemy of Brexit returns.

    And surprise of surprises he is shilling for Clinton.

    We must doubt that even Killery is stupid enough or has–even with all her thieving and her billionaire backers like the Saudishite and George Soros –deep enough pockets to waste on a Euro-stooge who can’t vote or have any influence anyway. So we can safely assume Stevie boy is NOT on wages this time but is gob-running because he is a leftist prick.

    Comey has NO connection to Russia whatsoever. None.

    That a pathetic POS like the utterly corrupt creep Reid is peddling such nonsense shows how desperate the scum of the left are.

    Reid and his puke son are crooks. The son is fronting for Reid in various corrupt Bureau of Land Management scams that are part of the Ammon Bundy affair out west. Reid was recently badly beaten-up by some of his organised crime buddies (Fell of his exercise bike he did–so he says).

    The Democratic line is “Of course the Elections just can’t be rigged. ” at the same time as “Russia is rigging the election”. Doublethink indeed. And of course the head of the FBI is on the Russians payroll. Which even McCarthy never claimed.

    Bat-shit craziness is Killery’s new tactic. She always has been but it is nice to see it out in the open.

  5. You’ve just woken up the fact that US politics is somewhat corrupt. Bless. Trump is PERSONALLY in hock. Clinton much less so.

    By the way, I hope you’re loving new corporatist post-Brexit Britain. Loving all that cash going to metal bashing!!! Just like us leftists want.

  6. Corbyn is the only Brexiteer who understands Brexit. Leave the EU so that rich people can be taxed to pay for the mines to be reopened.

    Liberal Brexiteers don’t have a clue

  7. “Corbyn is the only Brexiteer who understands Brexit. Leave the EU so that rich people can be taxed to pay for the mines to be reopened. Liberal Brexiteers don’t have a clue”
    Just to expand on that Corbyn master plan.

    Leave EU, propose tax rises for the rich, answer lots of questions about who is exactly is rich, get asked lots of questions about sums and budgets, stay leader, get elected.

  8. I get it Steve–you are trying to claim disability allowance for being mentally ill and think you can send your comments in to the DSS as evidence e-mail-like. Lotsa luck and all of it bad.

    The Russians have Trump in their pay. Trump is going to start a nuclear war.

    Two mutually contradictory propositions. That the scum of the left could swallow them both at the same time is easy to believe. That you want people with powers of reason to believe such shite shows that you are even more stupid than you are evil. Thank God.

    Unless Putin has hired Trump to start a newclear war. You fuckwit.

    The rest of your weird shit about Brexit/Corbyn is incomprehensible. Esp since you were posturing as a free-market supporter during your adventures as a paid traitor for the EU.

    Have no fear—the DSS mugs will swallow it. Esp the bit about Killery being less on the take than Trump. They will likely have a seizure laughing they will.

  9. But Mr Ecks! Why so angry? You won the referendum! Get used to the democratic will of the people voting to return to using scythes in the fields (damn those threshing machines). Suck it up!

  10. I love the idea of taxing the rich people to open the mines again. Keep taxing them until they are no longer rich and then send them down the mines to scrabble for the coal that will power the revolution.

    Revanchist elements and the Grim Reaper will be issued with scythes by our noble cadres.


  11. Makes sense. The left knows all about double standards.

    I have a feeling Trump might even win. This is based partly on wishful thinking (solely about what would happen inside the BBC and the rest of the British left when the result is published) and partly on linguistic examination of internet insults directed at the candidates.

    Trump, as far as I can make out, has only earned himself the moniker ‘Drumpf’, which is not even a neologism but the name of his paternal German forebears. This is probably used by the supposedly unracist Democrats as further evidence that he is ‘literally’ Hitler.

    Clinton, on the other hand, has in my experience been styled:

    The Witch
    The Hildabeast
    Illary (a reference to her affliction with Parkinson’s Disease)

    There are no doubt others, applying to both candidates, but the prevalence of anti-Clinton epithets suggests a certain unpopularity which might be reflected in the result. Of course, right-wingers have better verbal skills than lefties, and a sense of humour, so maybe I am talking out of my arse.

  12. Aw, lost for words Mr Ecks? You’ve soooooooo wanted Brexit. Now it’s here, guess what, it’s pile of steaming crud.

    These naive revolutionaries like you and Owen Jones do get so disappointed when reality comes knocking.

  13. Eu Steve

    Aw, lost for words Mr Ecks? You’ve soooooooo wanted Brexit. Now it’s here, guess what, it’s pile of steaming crud.

    I have to say, you really are quite an odd chap.

  14. Thomas Fuller: The left knows all about double standards.

    If they didn’t have double standards, they would have none at all.

  15. Steve

    Trump owns 30% of 1290 Avenue of the Americas, which has borrowings from UBS, Deutsche GS and Bank of China. So it would appear that some US and European banks will touch Trump.


    And his go to bank appears to be the very European Deutsche Bank – who appear to have lent him 300 milion since 2012


    There was a hit piece on Trump claiming that he got all of his finance from Russian banks in Time, but it provided no numbers.


    Indeed the criminal complaint link in the Time piece shows no bank lending but instead equity participation.

  16. “Aw, lost for words Mr Ecks? You’ve soooooooo wanted Brexit. Now it’s here, guess what, it’s pile of steaming crud. ”

    Name calling now sonny?

    I have other things to do besides throwing morons like you into a skip. No one is paying me–tho’ no one is likely to be paying you this time and you are giving them their moneys-worth for sure.

  17. Is it name calling to call you a naive revolutionary like Owen Jones? At least Jones is showing signs of realising Chavez and Corbyn are duds. Give it a few more months, and maybe you’ll come around like him.

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