Re-employment prospects for fired middle aged black guys are not good


34 thoughts on “Re-employment prospects for fired middle aged black guys are not good”

  1. He’s not been fired. “Redundant” might cover it at a stretch. Presumably he won’t be going to prison. What I really wait to see is whether an Obama Foundation is set up. He couldn’t be so tin-eared, could he?

  2. He was compulsorily retired, like all two term presidents (well, nearly all). God knows I’m no fan of him, but this is a bit petty of you Tim 🙁

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Even the non-Donny-and/or-Marie members of the Osmonds can still draw a crowd at Butlins. So he could take the Jesus Hussein Obama show on a nostalgia tour.

    Imagine Obama, resplendent in a white satin jumpsuit and besequinned peacock-feather cape that would make the ghost of Liberace blush.

    “Remember this one from 2008?”, he croons, a faint waft of Steradent filling the air as his audience of ageing white liberals starts singing along to Hope & Change.

    The Krauts would love it.

  4. Hope ‘n’ Change sounds like a 70s cop show.

    Hope Hopkins and John ‘Short’ Change are two unconventional detectives paired up because nobody else will work with them. She weaves her own sandals, he sleeps with hookers and owes money to ‘La Donna’. Together they are making the world a safer place for children of all ages.

  5. He’s a shoe-in for something at the UN: he has lefty credentials, is Islamofriendly and has Soros behind him, unless the dirt on Iran reveals treason.

  6. if I was Trump I wouldn’t rest until he was behind bars. He is in the Clinton capers like a thre’penny bit in a Christmas pudding.

    Orange is the new black–as they say.

  7. to echo others, he’ll be fine. Dimbos will pay $25K to hear him speak, he’ll work in some sort of think tanks etc.

    It’s Hilary who’s really fucked. Because that’s it. All those big fat speeches will dry up, no-one will want to hear a loser. And it also means that the dynasty that would shoo-in Chelsea is also gone.

  8. “It’s Hilary who’s really fucked.” I do hope so, but until there is a figurative stake through her heart (or the space that a heart should occupy) I wouldn’t bet on it. Until, that is, her health brings her down. Slick Willie doesn’t look we’ll either.

  9. On the subject of health: O looks a bit care-worn for a bloke in his middle fifties. Cares of office? Wife trouble? Worries about his daughters? Fearful of the FBI? Someone who knows how much disaster looms?

    You’d have thought that the collapse of the Clinton’s would let cheerfulness break through.

  10. It will be very investing if Hillary has to retire from the public gaze in the next 4 years due to health problems, well, health or an inconvenient term of imprisonment.

  11. I don’t think he’ll be doing much, except for spending more time on the golf course. If it’s mathematically possible for him to spend more time on the golf course.

  12. He was compulsorily retired, like all two term presidents (well, nearly all). God knows I’m no fan of him, but this is a bit petty of you Tim

    Evidently you weren’t much paying attention to the election, Rupert.

    Obama campaigned for Clinton by appealing to voters to protect his legacy (because, in the final analysis, everything in Barack Obama’s world is about Barack Obama). How’d that work out then?

    And if you think Barack Obama is going to command center stage within the Democratic Party, think again. Like George Bush, he walked into the White House with a congressional super-majority. Now he walks out with a opposition super-majority. It is only a matter of time (’till January, I suspect) before much of the finger pointing starts to turn his way, just as it did with Bush.

    In fact, about the only difference between the failed post presidencies of Bush and Obama will be this: Bush understood he failed and stepped aside. Obama, with his limitless vanity and arrogance, will dog a Democratic Party attempting to recover from his ‘leadership’ for decades.

    Obama is unemployed in the grandest sense there is… He just doesn’t know it. And Timmy nailed it.

  13. Apparently in a call with donors after the election Clinton was blaming FBI for why she lost, guess she’s got to have some reason not to issue refunds

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    It looked from here that Hillary had to beg him to come out so that she could be the continuity candidate. I suspect thei private policing as telling them blacks were likely to stay at home.

    And the fact that his approval rating is so high puts a lie to the claim that half the US is racist.

    Anyway, won’t his next job be as Chairman of the Campaign for the Election of Michelle Committee? That’s how it works in the USA now, isn’t it? Get elected and then make it a family affair and someone needs to hold office until one of the daughters is ready, especially as it looks like Chelsea’s chances been scuppered.

  15. As others have already noted fired is the wrong word. Wrong enough that it was worth my time to make the point again.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    ZT, already been done, and the tweeter responsible bombarded with the regulation contumely for his lèse-majesté.

    Obama’s going to make millions on the after-dinner speech circuit. It would be very unsurprising if Michelle ran for the Senate (or maybe the house, although I doubt that). Chelsea’s being pimped for Nita Lowey’s NY-17 House seat. I fear we have not seen the last of either of these grisly families.

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    The Meissen Bison – “Make that a skinny mulatto.”

    Not gay enough. There is already a coffee that brings Obama to mind – a skinny Moccachino with soy milk. Not just effeminate but also devoid of anything of value.

  18. SMFS

    “Not gay enough. There is already a coffee that brings Obama to mind – a skinny Moccachino with soy milk. Not just effeminate but also devoid of anything of value.”


  19. Obama will make a Blair-sized fortune on the lecture circuit. And if the Dems get desperate (there seems to be a shortage of new talent) I can see Michelle 2024 or even 2020, which will up Obama’s fees no end.

    What will be fascinating is whether Hillary, with no real hope of future office, will still be able to fetch $225,000 per speech minimum. I think not. The banks were giving her more of “an advance” than a fee.

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