Snorting coke *dis-* qualifies you from a TV show now?

Olivia Bentley suspended from Made in Chelsea after being filmed snorting suspicious white substance at London house party

How the world has changed, I thought it was compulsory still.

7 thoughts on “Snorting coke *dis-* qualifies you from a TV show now?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    In the 5 minutes of viewing and from what I’ve heard discussed about that program the surprise would be if that wasn’t coke.

  2. It reminds me of when Daniella Westbrooke was kicked off Eastenders for “snorting too much coke”. Not for “snorting coke” but “snorting *too much* coke”.

  3. She was rightly suspended for failing to follow proper decorum. When in a club, coke should be snorted in the toilets, not on a coffee table.

  4. Bacon was tracked to a drug dealer’s house by tabloid reporters. He wasn’t discreet enough, especially as he was a kids’ TV presenter.

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