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Sometimes, just sometimes, I rather like human beings

Yes, this is all rather trivial and it’s on Twatter and in the Mail and all that.

Ben Carter, from Devon, will only drink from a blue Tommee Tippee cup, prompting father Marc to put out an appeal on social media after becoming concerned the cup was wearing out.
Ben would refuse drinks that were not in the cup and had been to hospital with severe dehydration.

And of course this is all lovely advertising for the company and so on.

Tommee Tippee, based in Northumberland, said it was nearly 20 years since it had manufactured that product, but has now rediscovered the design and found the mould used to make the two-handled originals, stored in a usable condition in China.
It has said it will make a run of 500 cups to ensure ‘that Ben has a lifetime supply and that his family won’t ever have to worry about finding another cup’.

Call it rational self-interest, call it altruism, call it what you will, but there are times when it’s possible to just rather like human beings.

28 thoughts on “Sometimes, just sometimes, I rather like human beings”

  1. I haven’t followed the link but I bet Ben Carter is 22 years old, has just completed a gap year in Thailand, joined the Labour Party last year so he could vote for Jeremy Corbun and thinks people who voted Leave should be banned from opening their mouths in public in case they hurt his feelings.

  2. Ben Carter is 14 and very autistic, so you’d lose the bet.

    Sometimes these things don’t boil down to an excuse to bash lefties.

  3. Sometimes these things don’t boil down to an excuse to bash lefties.

    Except for the ones that insist that all private enterprise should be banned, and Ben Carter should just be pleased to use the NHS-issue mug that the benevolent state chose to give him.

  4. Geoff Taylor

    Ah shit. So I then had to go and read it and yes it’s a beautiful story. Still I do like mine… and it does fit and lefties have been stamping their feet up and down like babies for the past year. So you can enjoy the image whilst enjoying my embarrassment as well.

  5. I saw the appeal for decent second-hand cups go out a couple of weeks back and thought “You idiots, why aren’t you asking Tommee Tippee? Bet they’ll do it.” So even nicer than that this happened is that we would reasonably expect it to happen.

  6. Yes, we can’t on whether it is rational self-interest or altruism, but what I can affirm with some confidence is that we humans just LOVE stories.

  7. Our kids had them when they were little, many, many moons ago.

    I actually have huge faith in human beings, I believe the majority are wonderful people who will go out of their way to help others. There are some who put ideology or self-interest above others, but I do believe they are the minority.

  8. I’m also with DocBud. I’m a firm believer in the fact that humanity is often underrated.

    It’s why I don’t get the need for governments to constantly intervene.

    Take the killer clown thing from a few weeks ago. There was this epidemic of idiots dressing up as clowns. Comment was passed in the HoC, and a feeling of ‘something must be done’ was breaking out. Then the clowns started getting beaten up by folks who felt their actions were unwise and foolish. Killer clowns died out very quickly without the need for legislation.

    Just as it should do.

  9. Call me an old cynic, but I somehow get the feeling that the first reaction of one R Murphy to this story, is probably

    is tax somehow being avoided here?

  10. BraveFart

    What’s interesting is that under the Curajus state the father of this boy would have been screwed.

    1/ Tommee Tippee would have been nationalised

    2/ They would have been barred from advertising to children anyway for reasons of child protection.

    3/ They would only have been allowed to produce one type of cup So the production would have been adapted to reflect this – the surplus mould for the cup would have been forcibly recycled under pain of sever sanction from the state in order to ‘save the planet’

    4/ This would be the only course of action acceptable to ‘civil society’

    It makes one grateful the man is only permitted to pontificate as things stand, and with the disintegration of the Left (Some may be pleased to hear that one of ‘The big four’ contributors on his site is in the process of defecting from Labour back to the Greens) he stands further from power than ever….

  11. “Is tax somehow being avoided here?”

    Yes of course. Huge amounts of activity are occurring at Tommee Tippee, for zero productive output, thus resulting in lower profitability, and thus lower tax. Also if mugs are provided FOC to Ben then VAT and corporation tax are being avoided there also.

    End this immoral tax avoidance now!!!!!!

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Thankfully, BraveFart, R Murphy is a minority of one, which leaves my theory intact.”

    Have you been studiously avoiding the comments section of his blog? There’s some evil in there.

    But I agree with your statement, humans left to their own devices will invariably do the right thing by each other.

    And where’s that clown who was complaining that Tim doesn’t run good news stories?

  13. There’s a case to be made that if the mugs are provided free of charge, but are the sort of product that is normally sold by the company, then VAT needs to be accounted for on their market value.

    There’s a £50 threshold, but I’d imagine that the value of 500 mugs would exceed that. If they only give him a couple a year they should be fine, though.

  14. I would note that DocBud’s praise of people’s enthusiasm to do good needs to be combined with the suitably cynical observation that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    In the absence of competence, intent and drive are actually dangerous.

  15. BraveFart
    November 30, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Call me an old cynic, but I somehow get the feeling that the first reaction of one R Murphy to this story, is probably

    is tax somehow being avoided here?

    Avoided? Hell, this is straight up evasion – a transfer of value, even as a gift, means that a portion of that value is owed to the government by someone.

  16. Re Tax… They could have settled the debt by sending a couple of hundred mugs to HMG for use in the House of Lords.

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