Sounds about right

London attracts one-quarter of graduates from UK universities
Centre for Cities report finds 24% of new graduates in 2014 and 2015 were working in capital within six months of finishing

London is some 22% of UK GDP…..

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  1. Back in 2000 when I graduated it was clear that, even in engineering, if you wanted to maximise your career opportunities you needed to be in or close to London. Even my mate who started out work in a Shell refinery discovered that.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    I didn’t follow through to the report but reading the article they completely miss the point:

    To paraphrase Willie Sutton, the best graduates go to London because that’s where the best jobs are.

    The best jobs are in London because that’s where the biggest firms are and they tend to be the best payers.

    The biggest firms are in London because that’s where the politicians are. It so much easier to influence policy to their own benefit if they are in London rather than, say, Newcastle or Grimsby.

    Now we understand the problem correctly we can design an appropriate solution.

  3. I’d be interested to see the figures broken down by quality of institution and/or degree. For example we’d expect near 100% of PPE students from Oxbridge go to London; but 0% of automotive engineering students from the University of Sunderland. In other shocking news, the world works as you’d expect it to.

    The real points of interest are the in-between ones: do humanities graduates from middle-ranking universities go to London, or do they manage to find rewarding work elsewhere in the country?

  4. BiND,

    if we are looking for solutions to non problems that would be satisfying in their own right, move Parliament to the East Midlands and sell the Palace of Westminster as a tourist attraction

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