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Tory MP ‘is quizzed by detectives over claims he sexually assaulted gay man after Eurovision party’
Ben Howlett, 30, accused of putting hands inside another man’s trousers
He allegedly then touched the man’s partner’s crotch in a Bath nightclub
Howlett, who is openly gay, was questioned under caution by detectives

No, not that. What appears to be something between a drunken fumble and a sexual assault. Rather, this:

A source said that Howelett, 30, the member for Bath, Somerset, was ‘very drunk’ at the time the offence was alleged to have happened.
The party is said to have been attended by around 30 people in one of the town’s most exclusive areas and they are said to have moved onto the Sub 13 cocktail bar.
But the attack happened in a local pub called The Common Room, where the revellers moved onto at around midnight, a source told The Sun.

So that place hasn’t changed much in 35 years then. The decor has but not the style. It’s where you go after getting pissed up somewhere else and are looking for a drunken fumble. Culture is persistent, isn’t it?

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  1. The Common Room’s not a gay bar as such, as far as I know (although it’s just round the corner from Bath’s only surviving gay pub, Mandalyn’s).

    I always thought Sub13 was way classier than that though – I’d expect that kind of behaviour from the oiks who hang out in Circo

  2. It’s been a late night after the pubs place for at least 35 years though. When I first came back to Bath had a bedsit next door, then bought a flat in Alfred St. Known that place for a long time…

    And Mandalyn’s used to be called something else, more typical pub name, and wasn’t a gay pub as such although there was a definite lesbian element that shifted between there and the Beehive up the hill….

  3. The Beehive’s long gone, as are the days of dog fights in its back yards and the cider-heads scrapping outside; it became The Grappa Bar, then Culture and Cure (run by a rather odd chap who was ‘ill-advised’ in his comments on social media). It’s been empty for nearly two years now.

    At one point there were three gay boozers in town – Mandalyn’s, DYMK and The Bath Tub but only the first remains open

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I now know more about the gay life scene in Bath than I thought possible. At least I’m forewarned for my visit and short stay there in a couple of weeks.

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