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Maggie Passmore of St. Paul, Minnesota, had been watching election returns at a party but reverted to watching at home ‘when things got scary.’ She fell asleep, then awoke to learn that Donald Trump was defeating Hillary Clinton.

‘And then I threw up,’ said Passmore, 54. ‘My body totally rejected the result.’ Hours later, she found herself writing an email to her kids saying how terrified she was for the country’s future: for the Supreme Court, for health care, for international relations.

To hear the lamentations of their women……

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  1. @CJ Nerd

    I like this one:

    “Question for left-wing politicos:

    If Trump can reach so many working class voters despite his being stupid, uneducated and obnoxious, then why can’t you do the same, with your superior intellects and expensive college degrees?

    Or is it just too hard to appear sincere while dabbing your distainful nostrils with a scented handkerchief?

    Posted by: Horace Dunn | November 09, 2016 at 11:45”

  2. She needs to see a shrink about that. That’s not healthy.

    And I’m sure she’ll be able to find a whole bunch of articles in 2008 with racist republicans having physiological responses to Obama’s election, right?

  3. For dedicated connoisseurs, there’s a veritable schadenfreudefest to be enjoyed on the latest Question Time.

  4. From CJ’s link to David Thompson above:

    Facebook is now in the awkward position of having to explain why they think they drive purchase decisions but not voting decisions.

    50% of advertising works, we just don’t know which 50%. Or in Hillary’s case, 0%. Will any K-street lobbyists actually lose their careers?

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Matthew L – not just you, mate. Tho I’m also enjoying the psychodrama (great David Thompson word, that) of the rational, evidence-based left:

    ‘And then I threw up,’ said Passmore, 54. ‘My body totally rejected the result.’ Hours later, she found herself writing an email to her kids saying how terrified she was for the country’s future: for the Supreme Court, for health care, for international relations.

    Srsly. Do these people ever listen to themselves? They only seem to have two emotional settings:

    1) Insufferably self-righteous smuggery, when they feel in charge and entitled to abuse ignorant Sky-Daddy-believing, science-denying Rethuglicans and Cuntservatives about tolerance and compassion.

    2) Manic, pants-shitting terror when the world is going to be consumed by fire because their preferred candidate lost an election and they’re all donning safety pins and furiously sobbing while trying to outdo each other’s hysterical drama on social media.

    I like them better at setting 2.

  6. International relations? They do realise that Clinton was the one who wanted to shoot down Russian jets over Syria, right?

    It’s as if they pay no attention at all to what the candidates say, but instead extrapolate what they think will happen merely from their childish emotional response to that candidate.

  7. “Srsly. Do these people ever listen to themselves? They only seem to have two emotional settings:”

    Almost exclusively, they do. And almost entirely on social media.
    Out in the real, non-virtual world they’re more inclined to be told to shut-the-fuck-up-and-go-play-in-the-traffic.

  8. In other news about the mentally ill, Labour MP Helen Hayes will vote against Brexit because a handful of lunatics wept in her office about it. She appears to be serious.

    Presumably future policy can be decided by tactical weeping in her constituency surgery?

  9. “spontaneous chuckles”: and cawing, mocking, derisive laughter, uninhibited guffaws, and the repeated blowing of raspberries.

    But seersly, how in God’s name did the Dems come by a candidate that even the vain, thin-skinned, narcissistic, bragging, boorish, loudmouth Noo Yawk hustler not only beat, but deserved to beat?

    But back to work: ha, ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee.

  10. Since the 1990s whenever The Left lose an election it’s all lamentations and cries of fraud and demands to re-run the election to get the right result. Whenever The Right lose an election they battern down the hatches, regroup, and prepare for the next election.

  11. I am stunning friends and enemies of lefty persuasion with the evils of Shillary.

    Whitewater and other financial scandals
    Bill, his dick, loadsa wimmin, her threats and payoffs
    The laughing at the juvenile rape victim
    (Don’t usually mention her orgasmic reaction to the taking down of Bin Laden)
    Lybia – military action, sacrificing the ambassador, legacy of a f**ked up country, helping to channel migrants to Europe
    The emails (Assange might be a dick, but he has finally spread the shit left and right)
    The Clinton Foundation (this one is just so over the top it stuns even me).

    First reaction:
    It ain’t true (Prove it, I say)
    Your read right-wing blogs (yes among other stuff)
    You’re not kidding, right? (No way José)

    Then, they either realise they are talking without the slightest knowledge of the lady who they thought was a rather agreeable pensioner and that they’ve come up a right cvnt like me who won’t back down and they sorta look like they are going to go away and ‘think’ about it, or their heads explode!

    Oh such joy. The delights of arguing wth the ignorant & undocumented!

  12. bilbaoboy,
    I know the feeling.

    Comey re-opening the FBI case was a stroke of luck for Hillary as it buried everything else. And there were, anyway, almost too many Wikileaks stories for anyone to follow.

    Talk to UK-ers though, or read the BBC website, and no one has a clue.

  13. dearieme: That’s the icing on the cake. That’s her legacy. Not only was she denied what she’s craved all her life, but she couldn’t even beat Donald Trump. What a rejection.

  14. I guess the 30 years of Democrat control of the Federal government announced in 2008 lasted even less long than the 1000 year Reich.

    Hubris, meet nemesis.

  15. @ anon above.
    So all the educated people can’t persuade the uneducated to their views.
    But the educated have been persuaded to their own views.
    Maybe educated people are easier to persuade, not brighter, than uneducated people?

  16. I genuinely feared the smug-overload that would have followed Her victory, and was going to lay in sick-bags for the inauguration.

  17. Here’s a challenge to Jackie Valenti or whatever writing about watching the result with her mum and her daughter ( o men a looked obviously):

    Next time there ‘s a female candidate who we should elect because we’re all just pigs from the 18th Century cos we didn’t vote for her, try writing a few of the genuine positive attributes that candidate has other than a vagina. Because you utterly failed with Hilary Clinton.

  18. BiCR – thank you. What splendid pictures. It’s truly wonderful how in a politically correct age it is possible to view images of human degradation and severe mental abnormality as in a latter-day freak-show.

  19. Looking at those Daily Mail pictures care of BiCR, it struck me that Clinton’s support base appear to consist mainly of young women and gay men. I suspect that particular demographic has a disproportionately high balance in the media generally and an overwhelming balance on social media – especially twitter. (I do not know a single straight make that uses twitter for example). They literally cannot understand that the things they think are the most important – gay marriage, LBGT rights, transgender toilets, global warming, diversity and fighting Islamophobia are pretty much at the bottom of everybody else’s agenda. They are not necessarily against it, but largely they don’t care. THAT is the disconnect. Sam Cam, Carney’s missus, Wimmin’s hour, mumsnet, the Guardian are all part of the same phenomenon. This is not the educated versus the stupid, it is the emotional versus the practical.

  20. My daughters reaction was to laugh and say school would be fun seeing the meltdown, she said Trump would win. She’s 12
    She did say there were kids crying in school, in Canada which is just crazy

  21. At a time like this, when the world is being reshaped, the question uppermost in some people’s minds will be: “What does Yoko Ono think about this?”


    Because she’s taken 18 seconds of her life to let us know.

    Headphones or speakers required; NSFW.

  22. kids crying in school in Canada – presumably at the threatened invasion of liberal airheads fleeing Trump’s America

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