Tee hee

Oh tee hee indeed:

Giovanbattista Venditti scored a crucial second-half try as Italy bounced back from an All Blacks mauling to score an historic first 20-18 win over embattled South Africa.

On the England Fiji game, yes, obviously, Fiji were soundly beaten. However, however, this is not quite true but around and about so. 30 years ago the England Maybes team would have put up that sort of score against Fiji. Today they need to bring out the full team to do so. Fiji is advancing….as obviously, is Italy and as Argentina have done similarly.

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  1. Crap politically appointed coach and other political meddling has destroyed morale. The boks are just going through the motions.

    The ABs had a game on their hands against the Irish. .

  2. Actually Italy are not advancing much – South Africa are just going backwards at a rate of knots.

    The plan to introduce a Super Rugby franchise to Fiji could be massive – they have the talent but no way of keeping them at home. Though ‘Super Twenties’ is going to produce scheduling issues…

  3. Fiji deserve to be on the same pitch as England. But one lot were paid £22,000 each for turning up, and the others £400.

    Given that world rugby is hosing emerging nations with money I suspect that the Fijian blazers have trousered it all.

    I have a solution. Barbarians vs Barbarians. Get a couple of marquee players, two semifinals and a final. Pay the islanders who make up the ranks out of the profits. Rotating end of season jolly, England, France, Aus, etc.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    My guess would be that Southern coaches are now common right across the sport. I assume Fiji has got one. Actually I have just checked and they have a Kiwi coach.

    The point about Fiji, though, is how well they do considering their size. They have a population about the same size as Leeds. But their Sevens side is exceptionally good. It is just that too many of their best players play for the All Blacks or for Australia.

  5. There is, allegedly, corruption in the Fiji EU, particularly one of the previous chairmen. An Australian was involved.

  6. “It is just that too many of their best players play for the All Blacks or for Australia.”

    Or England. France have at least one I can think of, as do other nations, not to mention the number playing club rugby in France especially who have made themselves unavailable.

  7. France v Aus was a good game. France much better than I was expecting.
    Also the pitch didn’t cut up. The frogs may finally have worked out how to grow grass.

  8. It’s not very nice of you to take pleasure in our distress, Tim! But when the atmosphere at home is such that about 350 SA players are playing professionally in the UK and Europe, the result is inevitable.

  9. @BC, it’s not going to get any better when the chairman of the SA rugby board issues a statement blaming players being lured overseas, rather than understanding it is a push as well as a pull factor.

  10. It is just that too many of their best players play for the All Blacks or for Australia.

    That’s not true any more for the All Blacks. Hasn’t been for a while now.

  11. And Wales were lucky to scrape a win out against Japan, lower tier teams don’t collapse in the last 15mins and give up points the way they used to, if you don’t put the game away they will come back at you.
    Even with SA going backwards Wales as they are playing now are going to struggle next week when it should be a chance for a rare win a agianst them

  12. Fijians don’t play in large number for the All Blacks because of the difficulty of getting into a school without a visa, and if you aren’t in the system by the time you are 18 it is hard to crack. It’s Samoans, who generally can get the visas, and who therefore are common in NZ teams.

    If I were a very rich bloke I’d be looking very hard at similar franchises in Samoa, Tonga and so on…..

    That’s nice, but you wouldn’t be rich for very long doing that (unless we’re talking Carlos Slim rich).

    Travel is a huge cost to them, you would have to build decent stadiums, build decent broadcast infrastructure and half the players you recruited would be Kiwis or Australians anyway.

    Tonga is tiny. Genuinely small. And to cap it off it is poor and a long way from anywhere. It fields a decent international team by virtue of playing lots of Kiwis of Tongan heritage. The concept of putting a Super team there is a non-starter.

    Fiji is big enough, since half the population is fanatically rugby loving and of ideal build. With a solid infrastructure of training and management it could develop a world beating team. But corruption is rife and any money invested there is trousered pretty quickly.

  13. I remember the first occasion Western Samoa appeared in the World Cup, to startling effect. The thought in everyone.s mind was “Thank goodness the whole of Samoa isn’t playing!”

    I hear that there is an idea of increasing the period of residence from 3 to 5 years before one can play for an adopted country. Maybe bad luck on individual players, but it would help the smaller nations, and, IMO, rugby too.

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