That ain’t how the American system works Francois

France president Francois Hollande warned Donald Trump on Saturday that US commitments to reducing climate change and global warming are “irreversible”.

Anxiety over the new administration’s stance on climate change was heightened with his appointment of Myron Ebell as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s transition team.

Mr Ebell is a denier of climate change, currently works at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market think tank.

The US doesn’t consider itself bound to anything until it’s been ratified by the Senate.

BTW, at least as far as I know, Ebell’s not a “climate denier.” A lukewarmist at worst…..

17 thoughts on “That ain’t how the American system works Francois”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset,

    From that link that smfs posted recently it seems he’s only against the more excitable claims, which is a good thing.

  2. And not at all keen on giving vast sums of money to people who produce sparkling technology that can only survive through massive subsidies in each phase of production and use.

    Yes Mr. Musk, we are looking at you!

  3. Piss on all eco-freaks.

    The entire climate change circus needs smashing up and punishment handing out to the CM scum who created it. It is the third arm of CM after femmi/gay/whatever and the senior branch anti-white hatred (=anti-waycism).

  4. The Paris agreement is non-binding. Like so much environmental stuff, it’s just theatre. You can’t take any of this “cutting carbon by…” stuff seriously when there are no interim measuring criteria i.e. that the people deciding it are themselves measured.

    I don’t think it’s a hoax. I do think some people make ridiculous, catastrophic statements. I do get the feeling that the climate models are not refined to the point where we can make the sort of measurements with much certainty, though.

  5. France president Francois Hollande warned Donald Trump on Saturday that US commitments….

    And what if DT ignores the warning? I used to merely disagree with Hollande. Now I think he’s a retard.

  6. Knowing how the American (or indeed any other) system works is something with which François need not trouble himself much longer.

    He’d be better off watching the Sarko v Juppé election on telly or if he wants a more participatory role, how about getting on his mobylette and applying to The Stigler’s pal for an apprenticeship.

    What’s the French for MILF?

  7. As far as I know any treaty is reversible. Even if it has been properly ratified to take Tim’s point.
    For example France signed a peace treaty with Germany in 1940. Does Mr. Hollande feel bound by that? Do we get Calais back? Etc. etc.
    And I’m old enough to remember when experts were predicting a new ice age, India starving, and the world running out of natural resources. This leads me to be doubtful of the current bunch of experts. The more so when I see that they appeal to emotion rather than reason.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in france – “I used to merely disagree with Hollande. Now I think he’s a retard.”

    What the hell has happened to French politics? Hollande has all the charisma of a middle ranking Trade Unionist. For the Post Office. Sarkozy had the morals of provincial subaltern.

    Admittedly neither of them is as vile as Mitterand. The only solution is a restoration of the monarchy.

  9. ‘Francois Hollande warned Donald Trump’

    Prof Dent: I came to warn you.
    Dr. No: Warn me?

    Donald Trump is set to become the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD. Pipsqueaks everywhere are “warning” him. Kabuki theatre.

  10. The politics of this is groupspeak. Hopefully Trump will say it loud and clear. The emperor has no clothes.

  11. Strang how for progressives some things are ‘irreversible’ yet others, which have existed perfectly soundly for centuries, must be ripped up and rebuilt from scratch.

    Anyway, nothing in politics is ‘irreversible’, let alone some non-binding suicide pact agreed by others. Frenchman warning the USA it cannot do something – yeah, that will work.

  12. Mentioned the ice age stuff from the 70s to a colleague in work and he claimed it was just media hysteria at the time and few academic backing for it

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