That foreign virility

A gang of Somali refugees have been jailed for their part in the systematic rape and abuse of teenage girls who were failed by police and told their “lifestyle choices” were to blame for their ordeal.

Victims, as young as 14, were given drugs and repeatedly pestered for sex by the men, who were part of a wider gang based in Bristol.

Three men – Sakariya Sheikh, 23, Mohammed Dahir, 24, and Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23 – were convicted of 14 charges relating to four girls, following a third trial into the sexual exploitation of vulnerable schoolgirls.

15 thoughts on “That foreign virility”

  1. “Officers dealing with the crimes were also “under extreme pressure” as a consequence of austerity and cuts, the report found.”

    Yet I bet if someone had thrown bacon at a mosque, the Flying Squad would have been round in a jiffy…

  2. It’s funny; despite austerity and “financial pressures” police officers still found time to reach the conclusion the girls had brought it on themselves.

  3. Why does the government see fit to expose the schoolgirls of Bristol to predators like this from a third world hellhole with a barbaric and virtually prehistoric religious and cultural tradition?

    Fucking Bristol, just down the road. Why?

  4. Just firing squad them on tv every night. Will give the right message and probably make them less keen to jump on lorries.

    It’s one thing the government being bad at protecting us, another if they seem to have someone else’s best interests at heart over our own. What is the point in this stupidity?

  5. dumping Somalis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis in a western country = rape of young girls wherever they are dumped.

    I don’t understand what the government has against the little girls of Bristol (and all the other places) that makes them feel it is worth the cost of rape epidemic to re-home these barbarians?

    Did someone from Bristol throw an egg at a politician? Do they vote UKIP?

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “despite austerity and “financial pressures” police officers still found time to reach the conclusion the girls had brought it on themselves.”

    Probably because they knew if they blamed the vibrants, the politically correct would call them racists. Safer to blame the girls.

    People like you as it happens. Given your past enthusiasm for accusing anyone who objected to Rotherham or Muslim immigration racists or worse.

  7. Given where they come from and the age and sex demographic it’s pretty clear they are not refugees or economic migrants.
    They are draft dodgers.
    So not “youngsters” at all.

  8. Following the publication of the review, Assistant Chief Constable Kay Wozniak of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “We recognise that there were shortcomings. Unfortunately, financial pressures continue not just in Avon and Somerset but across the country.”

    Using this case as an opportunity for a bit of trade union whinging? For shame.

    Anyone got any details on how much effort Avon & Somerset have put into pursuing and convicting people who say bad things on Twitter or do 45 in a 40 zone of late? Be interesting to get a handle on their priorities. Might be interesting, too, to see if the force who are so strapped for resources that they can’t even listen to a report of rape from a twelve-year-old managed to arrest anyone for rape where “multiculturalism” isn’t an issue. I assume they did, because an entire police force not making any rape arrests at all would have been dragged kicking and screaming through The Guardian for weeks.

    And it’s bollocks anyway, because where’s the new story about the police officers anonymously leaking to the media that they’ve got credible reports of child-rape but are doing nothing to protect the victims or arrest the suspects? [tumbleweed]

  9. Some few years hence a new term will be conjured out of whole cloth. It will be a weapon against which the West has no defense. Not destructive ordnance or some malign machine. Just a word…much like any other. But one powerfully ensorcelled, no less. A word that will cause the whole of western civilization–and absolutely no others–to rend itself asunder. A word that will induce our ancient, rational, and leavened societies to cringe and grovel before the world’s basest denizens. A word that will force retreat from every colony and even our own cities. A word that by its merest whisper will hypnotize people into mass hysteria and cause their governments to fling open borders to millions of hostile aliens. These newcomers will themselves in turn speak the trigger compelling our people into laboring for the provision of their every creature comfort. Billions…trillions of dollars will be transferred at its invocation. It will bring rich and powerful men to their knees and women to their backs. Individuals, communities, churches, and nations will march out of their own lands into oblivion to prove to…someone…for some reason…that they are not this made-up word. And those who straggle behind the march will be subject to the vilest calumny from their enthralled peers. It is a word that will ultimately turn London into Karachi.

  10. Contrast with the footballer case where she didn’t even originally claim she was raped, somehow they found the resources to have a second go at the case

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