The need for the Ecksian Purge is proven once again

Hating to waste such a vast amount of quality barbecue, some of the event’s BBQ gurus got together and founded the charitable group, Kookers Kare. Partnering with the Harvesters Community Food Network, Kookers Kare has made a tradition of donating the leftover food to local homeless shelters at the end of each annual event.

This year, the two groups collected over 3,000 pounds of meat and 1,200 pounds of sides, all bound for a local nonprofit organization called Hope City, where it was to be served to over 3,000 homeless citizens in need. However, the Kansas City Health Department put the kibosh on Kookers Kare’s attempts to feed the homeless before anyone was even able to enjoy the food.

Claiming they had no fore knowledge of this charitable tradition, the health department forbade the food from being served to the needy. Suspiciously, the inspectors just happened to be doing a random inspection of Hope City the day the BBQ arrived.

“All of that food was uninspected, so that makes it from an unapproved source, it cannot be served to the public,” Kansas City Health Department Operations Manager Joe Williamson said in response to the department’s decision to stop the food from being consumed.

The health department did not stop at simply forbidding the food from being served, they demanded that it be destroyed immediately. Those who had worked diligently to collect the food were forced to douse over 3,000 pounds of award-winning barbecue food with bleach, in order to ensure its destruction and appease the local health department. Meanwhile, 3,000 homeless individuals went without a meal that day.

Where’s that bloody gallows gone?

19 thoughts on “The need for the Ecksian Purge is proven once again”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If you think about it, it is a remarkable testament to the trust and good will that exists in many White English-speaking communities, that, not only will people donate food, but that the poor will trust them so much they would eat it.

    After all, Russians might donate food, but would you want to eat it?

  2. I’d take this a little further. The true trust here was being shown by those bureaucrats. That they’ll make people destroy the food with bleach and not get lynched on the spot.

  3. Surely – if the food was being given from a private (even if charitable) organisation to private (even if homeless) citizens, the city health nazis have no legal say at all in that transaction?

    Bastards, I’m almost tempted to start a crowd-funding thingy to take the fuckers to court.

  4. The fact that these cunts weren’t immediately set upon and beaten to within an inch of their life is testament to the fact that Kansas is a peaceful and pleasant place to live.

    Unfortunately, that same placidity and respect for authority allows vermin like this to take root and thrive.

  5. There’s your problem, you Americans! Public health bureaucrats moving production abroad for the cheap labour and selling the products in the US at high prices. Surprised Trump didn’t mention this in his campaign (and then renege on it!)

  6. I have no sympathy for any of them, they made their beds, now they have to lie in them.

    They didn’t revolt because just like the Health Department Employees they all suck from the public teat.
    They only donate the uneaten food from their big bash because it makes them feel good, it doesn’t help a homeless person who would still be homeless.
    They could divert some of their local taxes to build cheap accommodation but they don’t want those sort of people living in the same areas as them and besides, cheap housing would lessen demand for their over priced units.
    Why don’t these charitable people invite a homeless person to come and live in their garage, oh that’s right, they passed laws prohibiting that sort of thing.

    Whining whiners whining on about the petards they have built.

    Make sure they have to pay for the disposal of their garbage as well.

  7. If they can serve the food at the event then why can’t they serve the leftovers to the homeless? Or did they make them bleach the event food too?

  8. They didn’t revolt because the Health Department most likely has a SWAT team.

    All transactions must be intermediated by the state. Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, yet we’re the fascists.

  9. BobRocket, the problem of homelessness is far beyond food or accommodation.
    Yes, great, build accommodation for the homeless. Some will lose it. Some will refuse to agree to whatever rules. Some will be a danger to others and not allowed into shared accommodation.
    If only a major complicated issue could be solved with simplistic solutions. For a few people yes, that can work. For a lot of people it can fail, even causing additional problems.

    Chuck £100 billion a year at the problem of homelessness and it won’t solve it. Chuck the entire GDP at the issue and it won’t solve it. The problem is so much more than a meal or a place to sleep.

  10. If you close the loony bins what are the poor loonies to do? Either live the life of the homeless, or work for the government.

  11. Reedy–say what? Can you translate what the Hell your wind-driven–as in a major burp–remarks had to do with the topic in question.

    Martin is correct. A lot of the homeless would have to be rounded up and locked in. Many won’t come in from the cold.

    What’s the seasonal line? “Many can’t go there–and many would rather die”

    It would seem that the KCHD still hold to the traditional reply.

  12. Sadly, I don’t get a royalty on my coinage of ‘Ecksian Purge’. Or on ‘Murphatollah’. It will be enough for me if ‘Ecksian Purge’ joins ‘squirrel suits’ and ‘pendants’.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    So what you would really like to see is a horde of pendants dressed in squirrel suits carrying out an Ecksian Purge purging of the Murphatollah?

  14. America seems to be even worse than the UK for this sort of thing. In fact, I’ll go further: in the area of business licensing, we do pretty good in this country compared to much of the world. I can think of a few things where you need some certificates like gas fitting, taxi driving and hazardous chemicals, but in general we keep regulation to the necessary minimum. To drive a minicab in most of the country requires a safe vehicle, clean driving license and clean criminal record, and then you pay a small fee (like £100).

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