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At Capx. Featuring the ever popular trade treaty for the new world order:

1) There will be no tariff or non-tariff barriers on imports into the UK.
2) Imports will be regulated in exactly the same manner as domestic production.
3) You can do what you like.
4) Err, that’s it.

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  1. There will always be potential non-tariff barriers e.g. on foodstuffs, regs to try to obstruct the spread of disease, etc.

    The art is to withstand pressure to misuse legit regulation. But politicians – which, in the end, means ‘but the electorate’.

  2. That sounds like a good plan.

    There is still a lot of work to be done removing rents so that British workers can compete but at a national level that is fairly easy as well. Replace most of the dole* with a absolute poverty covering UBI set for prices found in 80% of the nation so not London. Those in London have to work, move somewhere affordable or the rich in London can pay for more benefits if they want to prop up their real estate values. Your costs for the NHS are really good compared to ours so you want to be really careful with any changes here. Treat all non-UBI income equally for tax purposes and job done.

    * There are some people who would still need more. At least the materials for things like wheelchair ramps will be cheaper. Of course if Britain is rich enough that everyone could get enough to cover the cost it isn’t a problem. Those that don’t need the money for special circumstances will buy other tat driving demand. My guess is that you aren’t there yet though so means testing is probably needed at the margins. The simple solution is to make everyone richer so they can easily afford the tax burden.

  3. What would this trade strategy actually impact most? Agriculture I suppose, but there must be more than that.

    If we are paying hidden taxes in our import consumption, where does it make the most difference?

  4. It’s a great idea, but the electorate is moving decisively in the other direction. These are not good times for free trade.

  5. No they aren’t. They think that free trade means what lying CM scum have done–offshoring jobs while fucking up the economy so no decent work emerges to replace the jobs that left.

    The only explanations of economics given by media scum and so called “educators” are shite leftist ones. The jobs that went would be replaced in a real free market. That they are not going to be under corporate socialism and cultural Marxism is the point that needs to be got over.

  6. Well-founded explanations from Ecks again.

    Now answer the point. Protectionism appears to be on the rise, which is the opposite of free trade.

    That your opponent’s are wrong doesn’t make you, or the protectionists, right.

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