Timmy on Laura Ingraham

I shall be on the Laura Ingraham show at 11.15 Eastern today. At least, I assume it’s a live show.

I shall be arguing that free trade is just perfect in every way. My “opponent”, as yet unknown, will presumably be arguing something different.

20 thoughts on “Timmy on Laura Ingraham”

  1. What is the Laura Ingraham show? Any way we can watch on the web? (At work atm so can’t google to find out, alas. Luckily this site is not blocked!)

  2. “I shall be …”

    Shades of Ritchie, in prose terms. I prefer, “I’ll be …” .

    Ceteris paribus – lovely phrase, innit? – I wouldn’t be bothered. But one must have one’s principles.

  3. For fun does anyone want to try and use cerberus paribus over at Murphy’s place to see if he spots the error? If he doesn’t he may then absorb it and re-use.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Bearing in mind Murphy’s ignorance is both specific and general, goading him with catachrestic Latin phrases would be the definition of arare litus.

  5. Bit frustrating I imagine. ‘Opponant’ was Laura herself so she kind of hogged the mic. Anyway TIm got in a couple of good points… imports and foreign subsidies, more the merrier.. a pity that the point about wage growth stagnating in part due to health costs didn’t register with her

  6. > Latin phrases would be the definition of arare litus <

    even a kid that flunked every latin class he ever took and whose only latin is altar boy latin has to clap … bavo

  7. @I sneeze in threes

    I used ceteris paribus on his site in a comment a little while ago. Apparently it signified I was the kind of person he doesn’t like 🙂

  8. Do you need an e-mail address to post over there, I wouldn’t wish to use my own in case he hunts me down when it is time for the purging.

  9. You or someone good at arguing needs to get on that [email protected] James O’Brien’s show on LBC. The man is a hideous lying sack of lefty shite, and is on a daily tirade about Brexit voters being idiots at the moment. Sadly only idiots seem to call his show and he is very quick witted, usually making them look incredibly stupid.

    I would do it but they won’t let me on the radio any more because I was horrible to Shelagh Fogarty one too many times on air.

  10. Tom smith – if you control the mic you’re fairly invulnerable. The moment you feel you’re not doing well you cut the other one off make a few more points that go unanswered and take the next call.

  11. Yes, I have experienced that a few times.

    The way to beat it is to say something that they absolutely didn’t prepare for at all, turn the argument on its head by refusing to play by the rules. They will react by asking you mockingly if you are really ‘bad thing x’ (e.g. a racist, a woman hater, a right winger), because that is all they can do when they didn’t prepare an argument. But then you keep talking, making good points at first while they are allowing you to answer, but keeping talking when they try to butt back in, and then not shut up so that it is obvious that they had cut you off. That way they look unprepared and overwhelmed.

    Generally sycophants or prepared callers will appear immediately after such an incident, which futher emphasises the fact that they lost. I have done it a few times on LBC. Helps to write a few points down before you start and remember they absolutely do not play by the rules. O’Brien is by far the worst, Fogarty second worst. Both hideous people.

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