Well done Owen, well done

Having seen what these sorts of economic policies do he’s gone rather quiet on Venezuela. But he’s not actually considered his views at all:

The old social democratic order is crumbling. The continent’s last hope lies with the leftwing Podemos party, but first it has to re-engage with the mass movements that produced it

The next people to try it will get it right, right?

12 thoughts on “Well done Owen, well done”

  1. Well, he’s not wrong for Spain. The middle classes who run the place currently are corrupt, lazy, incompetent & have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. That’s not saying the middle class intellectuals behind Podemos are any better. But they’ll likely bring the whole thing down & give an opportunity to start again.

  2. BiS: ” But they’ll likely bring the whole thing down & give an opportunity to start again.”

    I think that there is a distinct possibility that the whole thing they will bring down will include our dear friends in the EU.

  3. Every chance, Mr Ecks, every chance. I’m all alongside your remedies for the status quo. But they aren’t going to be pursued by the university educated middle classes who have too much invested in it. If you want to give the system a good clogging you need the blokes wearing the clogs..

  4. BiS

    I agree with your vision of the Spanish elite, pretty much like all the other metropolitan elites (although ours are more crass and embarrassing) running Western European countries, except for the French who have more style…

    Podemos, however is not the answer to anything. A bunch of neo-communists manipulating a bigger bunch of disgruntled people (who have a right to be disgruntled) proposing a series of solutions that were fully tried in the 20thC and found wanting (see Venezuela for this century’s version).

    Not having got sufficient support of the voters, they are turning to street violence (watch this space), have all the same tics as other parties re personal financial probity for which they rapidly excuse themselves. I forgive them their nepotism, they don’t have many good ‘gestores’ and there are a lot of jobs to share out.

    Like all radical left-wingers they are good at political marketing and manipulation, but running things not so much. But that is not the question. They run things to destroy them and bring about the revolution.

    This is of course the real problem between Pablo Iglesias and Iñigo Errejón and will in time lead to the traditional splits in Podemos.

    I don’t think they will manage to bring anything down. I hope not. It would not be pretty. I would like them to serve as a reminder for the rest of the politicians of what could happen if they don’t up their act.

    The PP missed in the previous legislature a great moment to clean up their act and bring in new people. The PSOE is splitting, is as corrupt as the PP (and have corrupted Andalusian society turning it into the ultimate client voter base).

    Rivera gets on my t*t*, but he has a good bunch of pretty unadulterated competent professionals around him.

    The next 2 years are going to be extremely interesting from a political point of view.

    Oh, and Owen Jones can get stuffed! Despite his accent and his attempts at street cred, he is the perfect example of the socialistic, virtue-signalling metropolitan elite. Owen, spend 10 years running something and creating wealth and then maybe we’ll let you spend some.

  5. @bilbaoboy
    I never said Podemos have any answers. Quite the opposite. But I’m thinking Spain needs to pass through the fire & they’re the best chance of kindling it.
    I’ve just watched some lawyers trying to perpetuate a stitch up would have succeeded if we hadn’t had rather more on our representative than he’s comfortable with. if you can’t trust your legal system, you’re truly fucked.

  6. If only this nugget from Owen were true and across a wider geography.

    ‘In Poland, the left has effectively ceased to exist: politics is a debate between David Cameron-style liberal conservatives and rightwing populism’

    Let’s hope more countries can see the light. IN the meantime I am eager for the overthrow of the Maduro regime so that May can offer as a token of our appreciation the extradition of Jones and Abbot who colluded in his election as ‘useful idiots’, to face possible execution.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    VP: They wouldn’t need executing. Just throw them out the back of a cab in Maracaibo at 2 a.m. with Bs.150 in their pockets. They’d never be seen again.

  8. OJ really does have the most punchable face of anyone on the political left, and God knows the competition is stiff. He looks like a baptist school prefect who has just discovered a 13 year old reading a porn mag.

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