Well, yes Will

Britain faces its biggest peacetime crisis since 1945. Leaving the EU on the slightest of referendum majorities, after a campaign in which the leave side was never constitutionally compelled to agree what leave meant, is already plunging Britain into a constitutional, political and legal quagmire.

And Remain wasn’t forced to point out what staying meant either. Which was to accept that ever closer union the entire project is based upon.


Michael Foot wasn’t constitutionally forced to reveal that he wished to turn Britain into a pale version of Bulgaria either. That’s just what happens in elections. The actual decision being made is who do we think is lying better? Because we’re absolutely fucking certain that none of those up on the platform are telling us the truth, aren’t we?

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  1. It’s the “slightest of majorities” that really really gets to me. They can’t say “I don’t accept the democratic result because I don’t really believe in democracy because deep down I feel superior to the demos and have spent a lifetime trying to hide how much I secretly despise it”, so they say “slightest of majorities”.

  2. Had the numbers been exactly reverted, would it have been a “narrow” majority or a “solid” one? And would that majority be quoted in percentage terms, or as the raw number of votes? I wonder.

  3. I had lunch recently with an old friend (a brexiteer) who lectures at Oxford. Apparently, Wooly Willy and Rustbugger have formed an academic committee to oppose Brexit. My friend’s head of department supports the initiative and said to him that you can’t let stupid people decide an issue as important as the UK’s EU membership…

    They know best, you see….

  4. Apparently, Wooly Willy and Rustbugger have formed an academic committee to oppose Brexit

    I was confident Brexit would happen until I read that, now I’m not so sure…

    Oh wait, they are pointless wankers. No problem.

    He and the other Remains won’t point out the obvious thing – that Brexit won despite the enormous status quo bias, as well as the entire establishment lined up against it. I reckon the fear and inertia bias was worth at least 5% of the Remain vote.

    Had the position been reversed, and Will’s crowd won by the same margin against the same odds, he would be claiming it as an outright victory. He is, like the others, lying like a bastard.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Britain faces its biggest peacetime crisis since 1945.”

    I wish I had a pound for every time some left wing wanker has used that phrase.

    They still don’t get it. Not once has any remainer painted a vision of where the EU is going and how it will improve our lives. Instead all they do is claim an ever bleaker dystopia after Brexit despite what they see before them.

    “The case needs to be made for a repurposing of British capitalism, housed in a reimagined ownership, financial and innovation system that can seize the opportunities opened up by new technologies. The labour market must be recast to challenge the gig economy with trade unions that enfranchise ordinary people. Risk, which haunts so many lives, must be minimised by a renewed, cradle-to-grave, flexible and skills-based welfare system. The public realm must be reconceived with a sufficiently broad tax base to foster public initiative and enterprise. And Britain must reaffirm EU membership, which is the bridge to international openness and fundamental to our prosperity.”

    This is just the usual rehashed wavy hands leftist claptrap.

    The longer this goes on the more people will be able to see through their lies.

  6. “This is just the usual rehashed wavy hands leftist claptrap.”

    But leave out buzz words like “trade unions” & reverse the sign on EU membership & is it any different from the claptrap being dished out by the other side? They still want to manage the fuck out of it rather than just get out of the bloody way.

  7. As ever, Will Hutton contradicts himself with every sentence. Aside from all the usual piffle about a vote for isolation etc, just to pick on the extract form BIND above; the opportunities opened up by new technologies are what is delivering the gig economy so he wants unionisation to undo it. He wants to minimise risk (and therefore return) with a cradle to grave welfare system that is somehow skills based? The least skilled get the most or the least? A sufficiently broad tax base presumably means that the top 1% don’t pay 25%+ of all income tax, so presumably he wishes to lower tax thresholds again? And we need EU membership – which prevents us having trade agreements with 6.5bn non EU people in order to be more international? Is he Murphy in disguise?

  8. “… plunging Britain into a constitutional, political and legal quagmire”

    We voted to get *out* of that quagmire.

    The lies of Ted Heath, the previous referendum and the last 40 years don’t go away just by ignoring them.

  9. @MBE

    ‘Had the numbers been exactly reverted, would it have been a “narrow” majority or a “solid” one’

    Exactly, but also- how big a majority would suit Hutton et al? Is a win not a win until it’s near unanimous?

    If he was a referee, would 1-0 be a draw, and 8-1 be an ‘nuanced’ victory?

    Like you, I suspect that a *remain* win of 0.1% would have been enough to qualify as ‘clear’, as that would have been the ‘correct’ answer.

  10. The judgeboy scum of the High Court have decided that our remainer traitor MPs must be consulted before Article 50 goes in.

    May’s gang is going to appeal.

    Now we see what democracy is worth in this country.

  11. And Britain must reaffirm EU membership, which is the bridge to international openness and fundamental to our prosperity

    Several hundred Africans are battering each other nightly in Paris, Will. There is your international openness and prosperity. Right there. Paris turned into a stinking shanty town with nightly battles between competing factions.

  12. Rob

    At least 2% of the Remain vote was obtained by extending the voter registration deadline to get loads of younger voters (who were overwhelmingly Remain) to register to bolster numbers. Large scale postal vote fraud which benefits Labour in the General election might also have been deployed on the ‘Remain’ side (although that is not guaranteed I grant)

    However, this is the supreme irony:

    ‘We need a transformative public conversation – and a willingness to argue our heads off for tolerance, fairness and openness, as well as for membership of pan-European institutions and the markets on our continent.’

    That would have been nice prior to the referendum, Hutton – instead we got the warnings about the Seven horsemen of the Apocalypse if we utilised our democratic vote to cut loose after 42 tough years.Who is reiriting history now?

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