What’s the definition of a dignitary?

Fidel Castro memorial service: crowds gather as dignitaries pay tribute

Someone who turns up to the funeral of a mass murdering dictator?

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  1. Yeah

    We sent the current king’s father. The Rey Emérito. Not happy about that and not the only one.

    Remind me about the differences with Pinochet again?

  2. Pinochet gave up power and bequeathed a functioning state and growing economy to his successors. He killed evil traitors and saved his country from left wing dictatorship. Along the way he did some bad stuff.

    Castro was an evil left wing dictator who passed his non functioning state to his brother. He did a lot of bad stuff. Along the way he might have done some good stuff, but it pales in comparison to his evil.

  3. Pinochet once said that he was struck by Castro’s strength of mind. He’d put a friend in front of a firing squad when he, Pinochet, would just have jailed or exiled him.

  4. Let’s not forget that Fidel Castro had absolutely no qualms about executing his opponents himself.


    Pinochet was no angel, but he did what was necessary when his country was in danger, even though many Chileans cursed him for it.

    He was also a friend to Great Britain during the Falklands conflict when the rest of South America supported the fascist junta of Argentina.

  5. Ken

    Right on.

    I get sh*t when I point it out though. The argument being that Pinochet rose against a democratically elected government. But then Hitler got in democratically.

  6. Bilbaoboy

    It seems the left can believe in a democratically elected dictator, judging by their angst over Trump – what is Simon Schama on? – but obviously a left wing guy who was elected is never going to end up being a dictator…

  7. Remind me about the differences with Pinochet again?

    Pinochet was not given a state funeral. Therefore no dignitaries were able to attend.

    However, the rule is you send someone. Hence the UK sent Prince Philip and Foreign Minister Geoffrey Howe to the funeral of the war criminal Hirohito.

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