Yup, it’s because she had a vagina

Polls indicate that one demographic slice instrumental in electing Donald Trump was white women. Indeed, 53 percent of white women cast their votes in his direction.

There’s current debate on why this might be – blatant or veiled racism, admiration for Trump’s business prowess or supporting someone who’s fired up to protect us from terrorism and radical Islam. But one unrecognized and insidious force – one that some women will likely minimize or deny – is internalized gynophobia.

Many people are familiar with the term homophobia – dislike of or prejudice against people who are homosexual. Some of us may even know the phrase “internalized homophobia” – when lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and queer people take on society’s negative perceptions about them, leading to devaluation and poor regard for themselves.

As a clinical psychologist, I avoid engaging in armchair analysis. But watching this election, and the strong resistance to a female candidate, I’ve found myself wondering if the women who vehemently oppose Hillary Clinton suffer some kind of version of related self-loathing. And, I worry about the consequences for women’s health.

Yup, Hillary lost because white women hate someone with a vagina.

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  1. “the strong resistance to a female candidate,”

    That resistance is pathological, is it?

    Sure. Because for some docs (this one ‘frinstance) a well-adjusted person is just a patient whose clinical workup is not yet complete.

  2. Who needs Occam’s Razor when you have Joan Cook?

    ’53 percent of white women saw Hillary Clinton get harassed, but still voted against her ‘

    What did the 47 percent who didn’t see her get harassed do?

  3. Labour should elect Diane Abbott as leader, we’d soon see how racist, gynophobic and blobophobic the people of the UK are.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Progressive 1: “Contrary to our expectations, it turns out most women didn’t vote for our tired-looking, scandal-dogged, anticharismatic presidential candidate and her wearisome message of ‘no change’. Even though we repeatedly mentioned that she has female genitalia! Could it be that we’re out of touch?”

    Progressive 2: “No… no… it’s the voters who are wrong.”

  5. If the voters hate chicks so much then more fool the Democrats for putting up a chick candidate. Maybe they should have done thier research before the election, rather than after.

  6. So, the only solution is for the media to push the GOP into running a minority female candidate and have the Dems run a white, midwestern male blue-dog (if there are any remaining).

    Cos then all the racistsexistmisogynists will vote for the Dem.


  7. But how silly of me! Of course the racistsexistmisogynists will vote for a GOP woman or minority, cos they’re sex traitors or race traitors, so not really a woman or minority.

    Whereas Dems can vote against a GOP woman or minority without racism or sexism for exactly the same reasons.

    Heads I win, tails you lose.

  8. From the article: ” The calls of “lock her up” did not come from men only. This leads me to wonder about the role of self-loathing.”

    That’s not self-loathing, that’s just loathing Hillary.

  9. I’d have loved to see Condi Rice run and win against a white male democrat just for the head explosions.

  10. Gynophobia? Fear of lady bits? There’s a perfectly cromulent word for what the author is trying to say: misogyny.

  11. blatant or veiled racism

    Preferring one white candidate over another white candidate is an indication of racism?

  12. “As a clinical psychologist”

    A field with many very good people in it, but many of the practitioners are utter charlatans.

    I really like The Last Psychiatrist because she just doesn’t fuck around with bullshit. She gets right to the nub of what men and women want.

    The reality here is that women don’t care if you’ve got a vagina or not. They want a nicer house and happy, healthy, safe kids. This “women sticking together” stuff is just lala land stuff for women who are already aligned to the state and already have a pretty good life and for whom a woman in the White House is a rather nice luxury.

    and I have no doubt that none of them would have stood up for Condi.

  13. The problem for people who worship at the alter of identity politics is this single, unsolvable problem:

    Lots of people vote their pocketbooks.

    And the last time I checked, pocketbooks don’t have a race, or an ethnicity, or genitalia.

  14. @Squander Two
    “Someone should do a poll of Americans to see how many of these misogynists who refused to vote for Clinton are admirers of Thatcher, Meir, or May.”
    Someone told me – that Latin Americans voted for Trump because he is sexist and so are they, I think that is racist.

  15. An acquaintance of mine was a huge Hillary fan, and had actually met her. Said that, were he a bit younger, he’d have been over in the US campaigning for her. And I found this odd, because said acquaintance is an absolute paragon of professional integrity; had one of his staff responded to a request to hand over all their emails by printing them out and handing over paper copies without even indexing them, I know for a fact he’d have gone through them like a buzzsaw — and that’s before you even get into the realm of the emails being illegal. But then I remembered that he likes powerful blonde women and has a history of cheating on his wife and expecting her to put up with it.

    So I’m confused: does his support count as anti-sexist?

  16. The Inimitable Steve

    and I have no doubt that none of them would have stood up for Condi.

    Well, back in the far off ancient times of 2008 a woman ran for Vice President on the Republican ticket.

    Progressives reponded with their usual nuance and worldly sophistication: wearing “SARAH PALIN IS A CUNT” t-shirts, mocking her child who has Down’s Syndrome, and chortling at the “comedy routine” of Sandra Bernhard, who said she hoped her “black brothers” would gang rape mother-of-five Mrs Palin.

    Since Trump’s rise to political prominence, we’ve seen journalists call his wife a whore, his daughter has been inundated with death threats, and protestors brandished “RAPE MELANIA!” signs outside Mrs Trump’s home.

    That Republican “war on women” tho.

  17. Preferring one white candidate over another white candidate is an indication of racism?

    Well, you see, there are good white folk, and there are bad white folk. 50 years ago there were good black folk and bad black folk.

    In both cases, whether you were good or bad depended on whether you knew – and accepted – your place.

  18. Well, that backfired. Bloody Gravatar.com. Tim, could I ask you to edit my comment above to have some nonsense email address that won’t trigger the little self-portrait, please? I have no problem with commenters here knowing who wrote that, but would rather it didn’t pop up in some search under my name, just on the off-chance.

  19. The woman has a point – the last time there was a woman on the ticket, Sarah Palin, women voted 56 vs 43 for the all male Obama/Biden ticket.

    Or gosh, perhaps there might be another reason?

  20. All good stuff – a feminist reduced to calling a large percentage of all women misogynists, because they disagree with her. This is not the way to increase your popularity and influence………the Left is painting itself into a smaller and smaller corner here – highly amusing to watch!

  21. The Inimitable Steve

    abacab – The thought had crossed my tiny, bigoted, UKIP/Tory voting mind.

    But I remember being enlightened by a sociology professor some years ago. He – a male feminist, natch – informed me that Mrs Thatcher wasn’t a *real* woman. Because, lots of spittle-flecked proggy duckspeak that boiled down to: “Tory bastard innit?”

    And who could argue with that?

  22. It’s possible that several women in US were put off by the story of Hillary’s “pneumonia”.
    Most people would think it’s wiser to go to hospital than to slobber over your grandchild.

  23. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’m glad the Democrats continue to misdiagnose their problem, as it further alienates their potential supporters and reassures their sometimes reluctant opponents.

  24. See, the BUT in there means you ARE going to indulge in armchair psychology. Which makes your analysis a piece of shit.

    But let’s substitute “black” for “white” and see where you get with your article.

  25. Stigler, is Last Psychologist still writing anywhere? Her website hasn’t seen a new post in years. She is awesome.

  26. “Internalized gynophobia”

    So – they’ve re-branded “false consciousness,” and made it gender-specific now, have they?

  27. So Much For Subtlety

    Sign me up as a fan of the Last Psychiatrist as well.

    It is sites like that that should have the dead wood media running scared. I have no idea how truthful the site was but it rang true to me. By what set of processes could the legacy media have ever brought TLP to a wider audience? But a few pieces of software, some spare time, and she is informing half the planet.

    Much missed. I wonder if she voted for Hillary.

  28. – “…the strong resistance to a female candidate…”


    According to this logic, should women voters reject Myra Hindley in favour of a male candidate it would be due, axiomatically, to their “gynophobia.” Because women are too stupid to vote on the issues and the candidates’ character it seems.

    Indeed, using the same logic, anyone who doesn’t vote for a candidate of their own sex is evidently suffering either from “gynophobia” or its male equivalent.

    If both race and sex are different, one can only imagine the author’s mental gymnastics as she tries to apply her crude labels to everyone: ‘Wait, that’s different race but same sex, so that makes you a…”

    – “I avoid engaging in armchair analysis…”

    Or, indeed, any analysis whatsoever, apparently.

  29. Only if Myra Hindley was a left wing candidate would that apply, wat.

    Note how it was just fine and dandy for Castro to be a homophobe who locked up gays because he was an icon of the left. If you vote Tory / UKIP, you are presumed to be a homophobe and racist, and condemned as evil based on this presumption, even if you’ve done nothing more evil than buy your son a cowboy outfit and your daughter a princess dress.

  30. As a wise man once said, psychoanalysis is the disease of which it purports to be the cure.

    What we have here is simply a case of the pathologisation of alternate views: the sort of thing psychiatrists in the Soviet Union were happy to facilitate.

    Female Trump-voters are sick, you see.

  31. They don’t think like normal people do. It’s weird – imagine seeing the world entirely through the lens of group-consciousness.

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