Anyone want to send me this paper?…OK, I have this now

Population Growth and Carbon Emissions
Gregory Casey, Oded Galor

I have more than a suspicion they’ve got this the wrong way around.

They’re claiming that lower population growth increases GDP per capita. Thus, let’s do population control.

But we know very well that rising GDP per capita cuts fertility rates…..

3 thoughts on “Anyone want to send me this paper?…OK, I have this now”

  1. You should expect a free download if you are a subscriber, a corporate associate of the NBER, a journalist, an employee of the U.S. federal government with a “.GOV” domain name, or a resident of nearly any developing country or transition economy.

    Did you stoop to calling yourself a journalist to save the $5?

  2. Lynn and Verhanen from a couple of decades ranked influences leading to higher GDP per head. The top 3 were:
    1) Intelligence (IQ)
    2) Free market economy
    3) Natural resources
    There were big gaps from 1) to 2) and 2) to 3)
    This year an OECD paper inadvertently told us what government spending leads to lower GDP per head. In order
    1) Subsidies
    2) Pensions
    No surprises really, but it doesn’t stop people getting paid to discern GDP impacts of things that usually have negligible effects like inequality of outcome.
    Population controls if part of a eugenics programme should increase IQ and therefore GDP/head, so the authors of this one Tim has been sent may be right. Guessing of course.

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