As the Spud doesn’t understand

You can say what does the FT know about the left?

The FT is and always has been rather soft left.

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  1. The WaPoo, the NYTwat, the WarriorSocialJustice, and the FuckingTedious are all soft left. So is the Economicalwiththe truth. Or soft in the head, anyway.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    You’d be quicker naming publications that aren’t some variety of Left. In the UK as far as periodicals go, there’s the Spectator and that’s about it. The Times is still slightly righty but the Telegraph has been hollowed out by SJWs and work-experience twats who are now living in its carcase. The Mail is a Poujadist mish-mash.

  3. The FT famously supported Kinnock at the 1992 election. Also, while I can’t find a link on their own website to it, there is this:

    That was written under the editorship of Lionel Barber, who still edits the FT and accepted the Legion D’Honneur for his “contribution to high-quality journalism, and the Financial Times’ positive role in the European debate”.

    Fuck the FT.

  4. In his eyes the FT is ‘a beacon of neo-liberalism’. Says it all really.

    And lest we forget of course, he once famously said:

    ‘I consider myself a libertarian’

    which perhaps gives some indication that his conception of the political spectrum is unique…..

  5. Van_Patten: Some say the political spectrum is horseshoe shaped. To Ritchie, it’s more of a Rorschach blot.

  6. Particularly under Scardino-era Pearson, the FT was the soft, pro-Euro, pro-EU newspaper; any pretence that it’s some bastion of red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalism is a sham. The City Bastards’s paper of choice (in as much as there is one these days) has long since become the WSJ Europe

  7. Flatcap Army said:
    “The City Bastards’s paper of choice has long since become the WSJ Europe”

    City AM?

  8. You just need to read one Martin Wolf piece and it’s pretty clear that pink is the appropriate colour for the FT.

  9. The problem is, that the Left can’t decide amongst themselves what is or isn’t left-wing at any given moment.

    And there’s no guarantee that any given lefty’s definition today will be the same definition tomorrow.

    Like how “actually-existing Socialism” can suddenly become “extreme right wing” when convenient.

    i reckon, once they’ve decided amongst themselves what left wingism is, they should come talk to us. Until then, there’s no point entering into such a moving-target environment.

    Remember that this week we’ve got banning trades union, sending gays to concentration camps, imprisoning HIV+ folks for life and shooting people in the head as paragons of progressive left-wingery. I can’t keep up…

  10. Matthew L said:
    “Some say the political spectrum is horseshoe shaped. To Ritchie, it’s more of a Rorschach blot.”

    Isn’t it more Murphy in the centre and everyone else on the right?

  11. PST

    “Where is Allister Heath at these days? He’s one of the good guys. Is he still with City AM?”

    He writes at the DT, but now he’s always “Premium” unfortunately, he invariably talks good sense.

    The DT is going to lose it completely the way it’s going.

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