Asexual may not actually mean asexual then

People who identify as asexual may not experience sexual attraction, but that doesn’t stop them from masturbating and even having sexual fantasies.
A new study has found that nearly half of asexual women and three quarters of asexual men reported having these experiences – and, they’re just as likely to fantasize about fetishes and BDSM as ‘sexual’ people.
The findings shed new light on this little-understood orientation and suggest that, while sexual fantasies are not ubiquitous, the ‘asexual’ label may capture a more diverse group than previously thought.

No doubt there are people who are truly asexual – humanity encompasses many rooms after all. But to put forward an idea – most of those identifying as asexual aren’t, they’re just the people who find real people a bit icky.

19 thoughts on “Asexual may not actually mean asexual then”

  1. Real people are icky, it’s just that you don’t notice or care when the hormones are fizzing. Lower the hormone level and suddenly girls bodies are a compound of absurdities and irrelevancies.

  2. So I’m someone further along that spectrum than most. Not that I need a victim status score or a place in the alphabet soup for it, like, and I think our host’s summation of it is spot on.

    Or, put it another away, for some people the idea of sex is more compelling than the reality. Fair enough. Sorted. There is nothing to see here.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Great, so now assexual is split into two categories, that’s another initial in the LGBTXYZ string.”

    I’m looking forward to the cat fights starting over which order those letters should be in. Why isn’t it TGBL? From what I read Ts are more discriminated against than Gs, for example, but there may be other orders of precedence in victim-hood poker.

  4. They could simplify the whole thing by specifying who is not included.

    Instead of LGBTWFTBBQ

    You’d have NCH (Not Cis Hetero).

  5. It’s already gone alphanumeric and top of the victim hierarchy contains at least one upper case and one lower case letter, one number and one symbol.

  6. “A” can currently stand for asexual or ally (however, apparently the latter is now considered “appropriation”) and “Q” stands for both queer and questioning. So they’ve already run out, even prior to the latest extension TMB is aware of.

  7. Asexual means having no gender, (naturally absent male or female gonads): amoeba fall into this category; they reproduce by binary fission, ie clone themselves.

    Humans are sexual.

    Since all Human sexual activity is caused by chemical reactions, then a lack of desire or feeling of attraction is explained by some hormonal dysfunction for which there could be a ton of reasons.

    It is not an ‘orientation’, nor is it a choice.

    Asexual lavatories next I suppose.

  8. I think the symbols barely scratch the surface. What’s required is a more complex pictogram indicating desired sexual arrangements. The celebrated young lady and her twelve black friends, for example, would resemble a clockface. I’ve been working on something similar for my own fine art collection.

  9. It was simpler when I was young.
    But it was still difficult to recognise, in a flash of self-awareness and honesty, that I wasn’t gay, I just couldn’t pull the birds.

  10. From the longstanding use of homo*sexual*, hetro*sexual*, bi*sexual*, etc. for describing *sexual* attraction, the standard english for being sexually attracted nobody is, yes, a*sexual*.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    More of the normalization of pathology. Not a particularly harmful one in this case.

    But I wonder about priests. If they claim to be asexual, then the Left will have to respect them, right? Can’t refuse to leave their children in their custody and so on. But I suppose the point is that they are not asexual. They are supposed to be suffering. So perhaps they can claim to be part of the BDSM community? Then the Left will have to embrace their chosen life style.

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